Not Even Miriam Defensor Santiago is That Overly Sensitive!

Well Miriam Defensor Santiago who is known for her bad temper, however is probably more reasonable than those who passed the "cybercrime law" or better yet known as the "balat sibuyas law".  I know she went overboard during the Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. incident when she was name calling the prosecution, but maybe even the latter would be forced to team up with her against the Cybercrime Law.  Now for someone who is pretty irritable, however she is ready to accept she's wrong like what she said about China.  In fact, one might consider the fact that she is an enemy of Pinoy pridists everywhere.  Why is that?  Her lectures are very stinging to the reality that the Philippines is a cesspool of STUPIDITY.  So much for claiming that the Filipino race are the greatest because there are Pinoys among them.  In fact Pinoys are much worse than that one time incident Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. did which only deserved admonition.

Sad to say but Filipinos who watched Doraemon are now under the rule of President Nobita no doubt about that.  President Nobita has only succeeded in getting rid of his opposition like Chief Injustice Corona and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo but still, no one can deny that President Nobita is nothing more than a mama's boy.  In fact, what a shame it is to his father's legacy.  In fact, during the kudeta he was at the disco that time with his robot pal Doraemon. Sad really why the Philippines all elected President Nobita just because he was part of their childhood!  Really just because President Nobita's father is in the five hundred peso bill and was a hero, doesn't make him one.  Learn from history.  Some good kings had bad sons too!  So really what does President Nobita have to say about the Cybercrime Bill and his so-called "democracy"?