Krisis Aquino's Regime in the Philippines: The Downfall of an Evil Legacy!

After the popularity of President Nobita, 2016 finally came and that bitch known as Krisis Aquino ran for President.  Because the Philippines was more populated by Pinoys than Filipinos, the praning culture was popular and that Krisis Aquino was indeed popular as a TV show host, they all foolishly voted her for President.  So what happened next?  Krisis Aquino became a despicable monarch worse than the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. and the Philippines was under her crazy rule!

President Nobita was nothing more than her puppet during the Nobita Administration.  After using him to get rid of her ex-husband James Yup, Krisis Aquino got rid of the moron that was President Nobita too.  Doraemon was dismantled into pieces and President Nobita was incinerated.  In fact, fans of Doraemon all mourned for the loss of their beloved president and regretted voting for the bitch that is Krisis Aquino!  President Nobita was an easy puppet for somebody who was secretly a witch.

So what did Krisis Aquino do?  First she did her protectionism act.  After all, she wants to be famous abroad but critics mocked most of Pinoy drama to be driven pathetic.  What she did was to start removing RA 8293 which allowed Filipinos to bring copyrighted materials from abroad and then she banned all foreign telenovela, thus fulfilling another "protectionist". To make things worse, she also further disbarred foreign investments by making it a 1/99 ownership that is 1% for foreigners, 99% for her government or better yet hers to expand herself which soon killed free trade policy worse than her mother's 60/40 policy.  As part of her protectionism act, she demanded that foreigners who visit the Philippines must buy any Pinoy media or they can't leave and be locked in jail.  She also had made a law that all crappy TV drama produced by Pinoy pridists to be promoted abroad which didn't work because they were all so crappy.  She demanded very Filipino athlete to make a heroes' call and if they didn't they were immediately branded for treason.  At the same time, she had always badmouthed Singapore and China for executing GUILTY OFWs while ruthlessly punishing innocent tourists she used to take the blame for her people who committed atrocious acts.

Her protectionism act destroyed the Philippine free trade zone.  Foreigners mocked her policies as self-serving and evil.  What happened was foreign investment zeroed down to zero.  Nobody wanted to do investments in the country causing many Filipinos to go abroad and never return.  To counter it, she had some people sell marijuana and other related drugs abroad to earn lots and lots of money.  When they were hanged, she declared war on the countries.  The country itself soon met real obscurity when the economy plunged into a real crisis like never before.  Her one-sided and double-standard policies soon met a rebellion by the Filipino people who were supported by China, Japan and Singapore who agreed to put their Spratlys dispute.

What happened was that the rebels began to use modern weaponry sent by China, Japan and Singapore which defeated the obsolete weaponry of her army.  Only this time, it was a bloody EDSA revolution.  Instead of a peaceful protest, the rebels started to overthrow Krisis Aquino's supporters and stormed the castle.  She tried to escape but her own followers betrayed her to get a lesser sentence. She was found massacred in the Malacanang Palace by her own housemaids who had enough of her wicked rule.