Pinoy Pridist Parents and Unrealistic Goals for Children

For Pinoy pridists, I do think they set pretty unrealistic goal for their children aside from their neglect.  I mean looking at the family of guilty OFWs a lot of them follow some of the worst settings ever.  We can have the mother is working because the father is lazy.  The other is both parents are working for extra income because they are so spendthrift leaving the child alone to a total stranger who could do more harm than good.  Now to really see the next part is having unrealistic goals all because they refuse to throw away Mr. Lazy and Little Miss Late from their thinking.

One could actually think of what they set for their children.  For example, they make the children do work with passion, work without desire, ambition without sense.  This is happening.  So we have courses in demand abroad for example are nursing, engineering and architecture to name a few.  What's worse is that just because a certain Filipino doctor excelled outside, they think they can always succeed when not all Filipinos are meant to be doctors.  Some Filipinos who succeed aren't doctors.  The huge problem was that there's an oversaturation of nurses thanks the mentality I just mentioned- taking a course for the sake of money never mind sanity.  But here's what they ignore... not everyone is qualified for a certain course.

Architecture and engineering are courses that aren't for people good in Math.  Some people wanted to take computer-related courses because of demand abroad never mind they really needed lots of Math in order to pass the course.  For nursing and other medical courses, you can't succeed if you are easily freaked out like fear of human waste or fear of blood.  Yet stupid parenting insists to push their children even if they can't do it and if their children aren't qualified, you'll probably see these parents fight the dean even if their children weren't qualified at all.  The result is a lot of money wasted on what could have been better if they allowed their children to excel in what they were good at.  Some may even fail the board exam as well which again, is a huge waste of money.  So yeah, typical poor Pinoy spending habits!

And why do they want courses that are in demand abroad?  Simple- because of the "OFW mentality".  They want easy money.  In fact, it's a sad story for Filipino nurses who work hard and suddenly, their dollar remittances end up nowhere and they go home, the house is still as wrecked as ever because of excessive spending and not to mention gambling.  And also, sad to say but some nursing cases end up badly like Jonathan Aquino or some OFWs are actually easy to recruit for drug mules because of their expensive habits.  I mean, it's no walk in the park to work at a graveyard shift even abroad plus I think even some OFWs have a problem with their budgeting.  Sad to say, this is a very open bait for drug syndicates to recruit them into doing crimes that will land them into the death row.


  1. And the government is also giving us all this crap about promising to protect OFW's. Pfft, if they truly want to protect them, how about just bringing the jobs here by opening up our economy? Oh wait, it's because it will destroy whatever super selfish interest they have right now,,, :P


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