Looking at the Praning Culture of Pinoy Pride

The Pinoy pridist apparently takes pride in their bad traits do they?  I would like to address the "praning" culture.  Praning is a Filipino word meant to describe somebody who is overacting, oversensitive, you name it!  It can also describe the person as crazy and annoying.  You could think about the praning culture of Pinoy pridists.  So here's a few of that I can name...

The praning culture is really taking over Philippine TV.  You can observe a lot of ka-praningan in the TV dramas and shows.  This of course really is observable.  In fact, that picture above is a good example of the praning culture of Pinoys.  So why would they want to ban foreign TV drama?  My wild mass guess about this is to protect the praning culture of Pinoys!

You can observe how the praning culture is widespread even to areas who can't watch those annoying celebrities on TV.  In fact, it's a pretty "cutural" thing for Pinoys for their love of being praning.  You have them not being on time, being lazy with their range of excuses, procrastination, arrogance, locker room teasing, hot air, etc. you really can get ready to be irritated.  These people in the workforce irritate both their superiors and the customers alike.  In fact, looking at the situation of Flor Contemplacion's family (irresponsible husband and sons) to other examples, such people are really praning.

You can also have how uncivilized they are and they have no respect for properties.  Just take a look at the vandalism above by the Pinoy pride group known as the Bobo Muna.  In fact, you can see just how annoying they get with their vandalism and everything.  I guess they really need to be caned after all like Michael Fay in Singapore.