President Nobita's Administration of the Philippines

Ever heard of the statement that Filipinos can be blamed for having bad politicians in office?  Truth is, change the officials as many times but if they're not good, they are not good.  It's just like replacing one defective product with another and that is the case of President Nobita. Why did Filipinos vote for him?  Simple- it was because his late dad was in the 100 peso bill.  But during the coup against his late mother, where was he?  AT THE DISCO!  You can't deny how stupid President Nobita is!  In fact lots of taxpayers' money wasted only in getting rid of his political enemies.

Who can remember the Hostage Crisis led by the late Rolando Mendoza a Pinoy pridist "hero"?  It was simple, the hostage situation of Hong Kong tourists had caused much trouble.  While Erap had already apologized, but guess what President Nobita says he'll never apologize for it thus straining Philippines/Hong Kong affairs.  Also, if President Nobita is so concerned about the Philippines, he shouldn't even beg for amnesty for guilty Filipinos abroad since that will keep peace and order situation better than releasing them and those drug mules come back here.  Really President Nobita, where is your brain?

One must remember however that the fault lies not in President Nobita alone.  In fact, if Pinoy culture does not disappear, then we will always have more situations one bad after the other.  Really, what has President Nobita accomplished anyway?