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So Spongebob Likes Kamen Rider?

Spongebob protests against the idea of Kamen Rider Fourze to be adapted as Power Rider Apollo.  So here's what- Toei decided not to let Saban get the rights because Spongebob is a Kamen Rider fan!

Spongebob like Fourze

Spongebob likes W.

So yeah, pretty much Spongebob always enjoys a good episode of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.  Sadly Patrick Star's writing one bad piece of work after the other at Toei.  On the other hand, Saban may be praising Patrick Star for a "job well done" and has agreed to pay a much higher royalty to adapt Patrick Star's works.

Dangers Approached by Hate Fic Writing

I just couldn't forget these words by Chris X but this isn't the whole review:

This fic seems to be nothing more than a hate fic for Power Rangers. I don't care how you and your fellow Filipino felt about Sentai and Power Rangers, this shows nothing but extreme favoritism to the Sentai side and seems like bashing PR to the extreme because you don't like PR 'overshadowing' Sentai and not likely going to give equal respect to PR. Also you say you wanna act like the middle road, but your writings show that you're on the side of those not accepting that Sentai was overshadowed. I hope you understand the dangers you're approaching here and keep that in mind that this is nearly becoming a bashing fic. Not a good sign
Yup the "I hope you understand the dangers you are approaching here." is pretty real.  So what dangers do I see are these ones:

1.) Retarded fantard battles.  Very true indeed.  I really hate to think about how some people just don'…

Tekken: King of Fighting Games

It was just in the 90s when Tekken as a 3D game came, still with the low budget but yet it managed to create an impression.  Why would that be?  Even Ed Boon of Netherrealm Studios is a fan of this game by Namco.  As of recent, I think Tekken is still the king of fighting games for some very good reasons.

I just had a thought on these factors that makes Tekken so popular:

1.) Intense storyline- Tekken has an intense storyline that I find quite unique.  In fact, the Mishima storyline of dysfunctionality is one of the most unique stories in many years.  Each game reveals a different aspect of the story like the Mishima family curse, Tekken 3 featured the return of Jin Kazama, Tekken 4 returned the fan favorite Kazuya Mishima, Tekken 5 the return of the unplayable boss Jinpachi and Tekken 6 the rise of Azazel.  Each game releases a batch of interesting characters as well as other plots like the ongoing Nina/Anna sibling rivalry or how each tournament called Tekken really puts the world i…

Emma Roberts for Tribeca Film Festival

So only natural for me to want what I can't have isn't it?  Well here's Emma Roberts for Tribeca Film Festival.

Planned Fic: Kamen Rider Fourze vs. Jimmy Neutron

Well I'm done with Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom, looks like it's time for another crazy crossover.  I haven't updated Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon or Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers (hoping to get the second part of the Zyuranger episode done and two, got to watch more Big Time Rush to get the next episode done) though here's my planned fic for the moment.  It's Kamen Rider Fourze vs. Jimmy Neutron- Jimmy Neutron being born on 1990 (most likely) should be at least 22 years old during the time of Fourze so he's a College student.  Well it's another East meets West... and I am inspired to write this fic thanks to Power Rangers and the hoax of Power Rider Apollo!

Now for some plot details:

I might want to use the "Seeing is Believing" plot so I might want to rewatch "Santa Claus: The Movie", "Miracle on 34th Street" or "The Polar Express" to give me a slight clue to how it's being done.  So far I have seen tho…

It's Pretty Important for Me to Chill Out...

As a person who has some insanity issues going on, I just thought it's pretty important to chill out.  The reason can be really this...

I am very prone to really getting angry, itching for a fight and wanting to get rid of people who annoy me as much as possible.  Sad but true I really sometimes "got to kill something" feeling is within me.  In fact, I've overreacted to a lot of stuff like annoying people (like Kris Aquno, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Vivian Hsu to name a few), delays, hindrances, etc. which make me go like this...

I think these can help me in chilling out...

Listening to soothing music while breathing in fresh air.  It really should be a habit.  Trying it, I've managed to reduce some of my Galvatronic issues.  This is one way to play the ignore game because people just LOVE to make fun of people when they're angry but oh boy, one way or another one of these days what they do will just backfire at them.  What goes around, comes around you know…

Physical Beauty as a Curse

While people tend to look at ugliness as only a curse but it can be a blessing.  While people look at beauty as a blessing, it can be a curse which can happen.  There's the statement, "Beauty is but a curse to our women."  Now for my own examples... based on real life scenarios.

One of the worse things that happen to such women can be the traditional event of the villainous crush. Belle's beauty had become a curse to her when she was insanely desired by Gaston.  Gaston's lust for Belle has driven him to greater heights of insanity.  When he discovers Belle likes Beast, he rallies them to kill the latter so he can have her.  For Belle, it's really a disadvantage on her part to be really hot with Gaston around.  Some villainous crushes can go as far as defiling the hot woman one way or another which is plain disrespect.  I won't even bother describing in detail.  In my Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan fic, Kimberly became a victim of that as Radiguet actually…

The Use of Physical Ugliness for Comedy

While it's indeed mean to mock a person for being ugly but ugliness can be used for a comedy if the person has certain values on the inside that make them worth laughing at than pitying.

For the only area of ugliness I can find to be worth a comedy is not the so ugly you'll be scared but rather ugly persons who are self-obsessed and think they are so gorgeous while their more attractive comrades may be smitten with other bad qualities but not vanity.  Take for example you have a gorgeous villain who doesn't flaunt about her beauty while her uglier female friend may think she's the most gorgeous thing ever.  Hmmm really now that's ugliness worth laughing at and not pitying since the person is too deluded.

But I for one pretty don't like to use ugliness for comedy compared to beauty except for the incident mentioned above.

Can Fantard Wars Lead to Real Killings?

After doing my hate fic reviews on Arnold's "Gokaiger vs. Samurai" reading all those bad comments that came not primary because of ignorance but because it's a horribifuckus bad hate fic or to SailorGokaiMoon calling it one story that causes too much conflict.  Risky's Spongebob 2019 isn't spared from this one either as I am really afraid these two authors are hypothetically already in the danger zone.  Maybe Chris X's reading through Arnold's hate fic was what I would call a brave attempt to stop retarded fan wars, too bad Fantasy Leader hasn't joined the crowd and I did.  Well I've cut my connections with both characters and doing a solo flight in Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon (but not really, I still have SailorGokaiMoon to help me in some way).  But I was just thinking of what could happen next.

I was doing some old article reading and I was thinking of the Batman theater incident or maybe those Twitter and Facebook disputes that ended in …

My Secret Obsession That I Need to Confess: FAIRIES!

Well I would want to confess this but there are times I find myself believing in fairies.  I know for well they don't exist, I don't ask people if they believe in fairies but there are times I am a closet believer in the existence of fairies which is pretty weird.  The reason can be because I really wished I had fairy godparents when I was younger but oh well... I just thought this is one of the causes of my sudden issues.  I never believed that the Tooth Fairy existed but then I find myself believing in fairies and wanting to prove their existence.  Then again, I had a teacher before who looked like Mr. Crocker and was so openly obsessed with it so I guess I'm a little saner huh?

Just My Growing Up in Learning Finances- Still a Noob and Having Much to Learn!

In life, you can never say you'll never make a bad financial decision.  So just a thought on some tips I have encouraged to myself based on experience:

1.) Never be too trusting. Believe me I have fallen on that, it was a family friend that conned me that hard!  So what I thought about it is that while being paranoid is bad, being too trusting is just as bad.  There's a balance that is needed or the need to hold credit transactions on hold.  If you ask me, I guess the person must be behind bars now since I'm not the only victim.

2.) For credit cards, be careful about these transactions.  Before making a charge, see your cash balance first!  In my case, if I cannot afford anything, I save money first before I charge it to my credit card.  If necessary, ask financial advisers on the matter of what to accept and not to accept.  I've been too impulsive to accept deals easily but now it needs to be thrown away.  One of the things I did was to enroll in an automatic payment…

The Frugalicious Show on Credit Cards

Here's a very insighting video that SHOULD be shown to every business or accounting student because they definitely need it!  For one thing, this video I believe will give them a head start before they decide to work in the banks so at least, they can give their managers one or two impressions of goodness.

Credit Card Facts: Something that Finance-Related Classes Should Tackle On!

I was pretty much incensed by a comment that told me that since I was taking graduate school for business then at least I should know about credit card's other promotions which I find an insulting remark.  Okay enough of the comment but I really thought of it that credit cards should be discussed in class because for one thing, it's already becoming a trend that has lead to foolishness especially by a younger generation.  So what I thought was that looking back at case studies in business education, there hasn't been any credit card related case study and how they work.  I guess back then, the schools were pretty outdated and people hardly used them but now they ought to be discussed.  For one, I just thought of it that losing a lot of money in a faulty transaction believing the person will pay me back was a bad thing, not knowing much about credit card promotions is another.  So I pretty much had to think that though I was giving such scathing remark the other day which …

Ciara Hanna at the 12th Annual Young Hollywood

Well I would admit she's a real doll in this picture.  I love her dress and style here.  Enjoy!

Use of Youth, Middle Age and Old Age for Comedy

Age can play a good role in comedy.  Here are a few of my favorite examples:

While I generally do get crept out by attractions like 50 year old Jafar to 16 year old Jasmine, but I may not mind a comedy involving a woman who's 25 years older than her boyfriend provided they are both adults (then again I found Crocker's stepdad episode in Fairly Oddparents very funny).  It's like in "Say Yes" tha Li Wei's story was for me funny, the succeeding story was for me disturbing.  Then again some women who are married to men who are younger by a few years than they don't think this is funny.  However I did encounter in real life a man who was 46 years old dated a woman who was 70 years old out of sheer stupidity.

Old people doing what their age will restrict them to do so.  Chisato's pretty grandmother is just funny for me.  Really how can an old lady like her do a stunt like that driving a police car very fast to help her granddaughter and LIVE to tell the tal…

Physical Beauty as a Source of Comedy

Well I do appreciate ugly comedians but I would also like to think that beauty too is also a source of comedy.  Ugly comedians should be credited for their acting, not their ugliness since I find it hurtful to laugh at somebody for being ugly... although ugliness can be a source of comedy if we were comparing apples to oranges or if you had an ugly man or woman of high vanity (but that can be more annoying than funny).

Bad cooking from gorgeous girls.  Okay ignore the fact that the real Rin Takanashi can prepare a good meal but I kind of like to imagine her meals are horrid as her iconic character as Mako Shiraishi.  I thought it does add bonus comedy if you have a pretty lady to be the bad cook.

A gorgeous girl having an unwanted suitor can be a comedy and not always meant to be a disturbing nuisance like Gaston to Belle.  Well Kimberly did have one comedy moment with Skull when she fooled him into kissing Bulk.  In my own wish to do so, Spike attempts to kiss Mako then Mako fools hi…