My List of Who I Think Are the Most Underrated Henshin Hotties

I had my thought for the most underrated Henshin hotties and who I think they are:

1.) I think first place might go to Mei.  Poor Mei, maybe yes or maybe not.  But I really think that she's not really that preferred or something though I'm a fan of hers.  There's been the difference between hot and moe, somehow Kimberly's more preferred over Mei for being hot.  Only if they just gave her enough credit.  Both Kimberly and Lin imo tend to overshadow her in the hotness area.

2.) Kat is another.  I would admit that it is possible that she was actually bashed when she came, calling her a shadow of Kimberly. Worse, some people blamed Kat for the reason why Kimberly broke up with Tommy or that the writers forced the relationship.  It does get really bad for me though considering that Kat was just a "replacement" of sorts. =(

3.) Tori coudl be in this list.  Okay she's pretty but not really as blazing as her counterpart Nanami.  Poor, poor Tori her class won't be as fully occupied as Nanami's. =(

4.) Kotoha- This is purely speculative but I think she makes it into this list if these two reasons may be true- 1.) Mako overshadows her in the hotness section and 2.) because some people may find her adaptation counterpart Emily hotter.  But either way, I think she enters into his list.  But hey, I still like her for being a live version of Rurouni Kenshin's Misao in some way!

Not really much to explain either but I give them credit nonetheless.

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