Physical Beauty as a Source of Comedy

Well I do appreciate ugly comedians but I would also like to think that beauty too is also a source of comedy.  Ugly comedians should be credited for their acting, not their ugliness since I find it hurtful to laugh at somebody for being ugly... although ugliness can be a source of comedy if we were comparing apples to oranges or if you had an ugly man or woman of high vanity (but that can be more annoying than funny).

Bad cooking from gorgeous girls.  Okay ignore the fact that the real Rin Takanashi can prepare a good meal but I kind of like to imagine her meals are horrid as her iconic character as Mako Shiraishi.  I thought it does add bonus comedy if you have a pretty lady to be the bad cook.

A gorgeous girl having an unwanted suitor can be a comedy and not always meant to be a disturbing nuisance like Gaston to Belle.  Well Kimberly did have one comedy moment with Skull when she fooled him into kissing Bulk.  In my own wish to do so, Spike attempts to kiss Mako then Mako fools him into kissing a Nanashi.

Beauty and no brains.  Hee hee hee, just one of my favorite ways to put in either a protagonist/antagonist as long as they're not the lead role at all.

Perversity jokes of women in the bath that's in Anime.  In my case, I really just thought of Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers where I had Spike attempting to video Kimberly, Nanami, Ranru, Jasmine, Sakura and Mako bathing so he can sell the video for a whopping USD 10,000 each copy.  Well he did fail since he got clobbered up and beaten by the girls before he eventually stayed in detention for some time eating only yucky food as his nourishment.

Another I thought that attractive men can be a source of comedy.  Well it's easier to do them than women in a non R-rated show.  I mean they can always hide their censored out areas easier.  I thought of it that you can have a good-looking hero/villain whose tasks can get interrupted because of some crazy fangirls.  Like you can talk about just before a handsome Kamen Rider is about to henshin, a group of crazy fangirls chase him causing him a misadventure while a handsome villain while he's about to hatch an evil scheme gets interrupted by crazy fangirls he didn't want to show up.  Another could be where they end up somewhere wearing nothing which can be easily censored by sceneries.