Use of Youth, Middle Age and Old Age for Comedy

Age can play a good role in comedy.  Here are a few of my favorite examples:

While I generally do get crept out by attractions like 50 year old Jafar to 16 year old Jasmine, but I may not mind a comedy involving a woman who's 25 years older than her boyfriend provided they are both adults (then again I found Crocker's stepdad episode in Fairly Oddparents very funny).  It's like in "Say Yes" tha Li Wei's story was for me funny, the succeeding story was for me disturbing.  Then again some women who are married to men who are younger by a few years than they don't think this is funny.  However I did encounter in real life a man who was 46 years old dated a woman who was 70 years old out of sheer stupidity.

Old people doing what their age will restrict them to do so.  Chisato's pretty grandmother is just funny for me.  Really how can an old lady like her do a stunt like that driving a police car very fast to help her granddaughter and LIVE to tell the tale to other seniors?  I feel so sorry for the other old people who'll hear her story!

Maybe I should talk about children in the tropes "kids are cruel".  Well, children can be very cruel which is a sad fact but what if we exaggerate the damage children can do.  Children can steal money from their classmates but what if we made a script of a group of grade school students who robbed millions of cash from the banks?  We can also include how a lone child can run around carrying a torch burning down buildings rejoicing his father will cover him up or maybe worse make the child the big bad of the story from start to end.  In fact, I couldn't imagine if my intended Metalder parody had the main villain who's an eight year old genius who is apparently the only genius of his family, he is gifted with the legendary power to become an Emperor Neros-type villain (but it's not his true form mind you) and literally is one evil brat who needs to be spanked.