Physical Beauty as a Curse

While people tend to look at ugliness as only a curse but it can be a blessing.  While people look at beauty as a blessing, it can be a curse which can happen.  There's the statement, "Beauty is but a curse to our women."  Now for my own examples... based on real life scenarios.

One of the worse things that happen to such women can be the traditional event of the villainous crush. Belle's beauty had become a curse to her when she was insanely desired by Gaston.  Gaston's lust for Belle has driven him to greater heights of insanity.  When he discovers Belle likes Beast, he rallies them to kill the latter so he can have her.  For Belle, it's really a disadvantage on her part to be really hot with Gaston around.  Some villainous crushes can go as far as defiling the hot woman one way or another which is plain disrespect.  I won't even bother describing in detail.  In my Super Sentai/Power Rangers fan fic, Kimberly became a victim of that as Radiguet actually got intimate with her though she's not preggers.

Not always a villainous crush but maybe you've got a jerk after you.  Hee hee, just a thought that Skull's crush on Kimberly was at first funny for me but later, it just got VERY boring.  I just thought that it's not really funny when it gets out of hand.  You might want to consider this the woman can become caught in love triangles and worse dodecahedrons.  In my fan fic Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon both Addie and Mako while having their love triangle for Takeru (which might prompt the latter to attempt resignation then his boss offers to date the girl who loses) their beauty is emphasized to put them into trouble.  In Victorious, Felix Ryan's guest character Damian had a disgusting crush on Tori Vega or in my fan fic Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers, Kimberly got raped by Radiguet (who's also wanting to add Jasmine, Mako, Ranru, Sakura and Tori, Nanami into his list of chicks to rape) all because she is hot.

You might want to think of the woman who's so hot she can literally cause a lot of men to fight over her, even two of her friends!  Well that's not good especially if she's not vain and superficial.  While she's seeking a genuine relationship, she's trapped in several traps that could lead to one bad relationship after the other not because she's a flirt but because she's being deceived or tempted into doing what's not right.  In Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon, Addie had attracted every male Shinkenger over her though she's not the center of the conflict and Takeru is since she and Mako are in a love triangle of sorts. =P

Beauty can also cause unintended envy and jealousy by both the ugly women and the pretty women around. Snow White's beauty caused her gorgeous but evil stepmother to hate her.  In some cases, it's very easy to envy who they perceive as the "perfect woman" and throw in false accusations that aren't real.  Well there are pretty bad girls as well which is true but sadly, some pretty girls of virtue do get victimized by false accusations all because they are pretty.

Or for some strange reason, why do the victims of heartless rituals have to be hot in the films?  Made me think of Anne Rice's rather bizarre scene where a gorgeous woman becomes the stage sacrifice.  So made me think if she's so hot, why do the vampires kill her and feast on her flesh?  Leaves thought.

For a guy who's attractive they can also be subject to the curses above no less.  Okay what if you had a hot hero who not only attracts resident bad girls but also any of the female villains that might want them?  Worse what if is female friends are now fighting over him?  Well I don't need to elaborate much on this since it's just a mere reversal.  Plus, they can even be subject to humiliating jokes too.


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