Tekken: King of Fighting Games

It was just in the 90s when Tekken as a 3D game came, still with the low budget but yet it managed to create an impression.  Why would that be?  Even Ed Boon of Netherrealm Studios is a fan of this game by Namco.  As of recent, I think Tekken is still the king of fighting games for some very good reasons.

I just had a thought on these factors that makes Tekken so popular:

1.) Intense storyline- Tekken has an intense storyline that I find quite unique.  In fact, the Mishima storyline of dysfunctionality is one of the most unique stories in many years.  Each game reveals a different aspect of the story like the Mishima family curse, Tekken 3 featured the return of Jin Kazama, Tekken 4 returned the fan favorite Kazuya Mishima, Tekken 5 the return of the unplayable boss Jinpachi and Tekken 6 the rise of Azazel.  Each game releases a batch of interesting characters as well as other plots like the ongoing Nina/Anna sibling rivalry or how each tournament called Tekken really puts the world in danger.

2.) Gameplay- Tekken's unique based on real martial arts moves and combos.  Well I could never say there aren't any unbalance issues but they do manage to get smoothed out as time progresses.  With the use of the individual limbs (left punch, right punch, left kick, right kick) with different fighting styles unleashing some rather badass combos.  For me the button for each limbs changes the strategy making the gameplay more accessible a feature Mortal Kombat vs. DC and Mortal Kombat 2011 later used.  By Tekken 4 up to Tekken 6, each character has a unique story mode that explores the character's story.  Gameplay is smoothed out every sequel in order to keep players playing.

3.) Content- Yup Tekken is bursting with content.  Tekken 2 began to increase the number of secrets.  Tekken 2 began not only to use the bosses but also, each boss (most of them anyway) have their own secret endings.  The endings can be replayed each with beautifully rendered.  You'll want to beat the games just to see each one of them.

4.) Bosses- Each character usually has their own unique sub-boss which if beaten, will be unlocked.  Eventually most characters are faced against the final boss like Heihachi (Tekken 1 and 4 except for a few characters like Jin's final boss is Kazuya instead of Heihachi, Heihachi fights Jin, etc.), the challenge of the bosses Jinpachi in Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.  The 5th and 6th games respectively really prepared another reasonable challenge with the unplayable bosses Jinpachi and Azazel whihe featuring smoother controls.


  1. the first time I played this game, it was Tekken 3 at that time. My brother introduced it to me because he can't find decent player at our town so he trained me instead, still I can't hardly ever beat him until Tekken 4 came... that was the time I get to kicked his butt lol :D

    Tekken Player


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