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Ciara Hanna Picture for October 30, 2014

Here's Ciara Hanna with a cup of coffee.  I would admit that I wish I was there with her. =P

Satirical News: President Nobita Declares an Order For An Anime Themed Halloween!

President Nobita after watching Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, Rurouni Kenshin: Legend's End and Lupin III he had decided to open an Anime Themed Halloween, declaring that this year October 2014 that everyone must wear Anime-themed costumes while trick-or-treating or face a fine.

Yes these are the Halloween costumes of President Nobita and DILG Secretary Doraemar Roxas!

To implement the law just yesterday, both President Nobita and Doraemar Roxas dressed up as the cartoon Nobita and Doraemon.  Doraemar Roxas yesterday campaigned for the presidency dressed up as the cartoon Doraemon, even bought a fourth pocket dimension from Japan to impress people with what he can do.  President Nobita on the other hand went around dressed up as cartoon Nobita.  The other No Directioners namely  Kill Henares dressed up as Jaeko, Money Villar dressed up as Suneo and Pink Lacson dressed up as a Japanese cop.

President Nobita in an interview said, "For the past few months, the Rurouni Kenshin …

My Thoughts on Biology Teacher Deng Yuanyuan in China

Well here's an interesting person known as Deng Yuanyuan.  I had read about her in Rocket News 24.  So what do I think about the person based on what I read?  I would like to share a few thoughts about her.  Here's what... she's one type of person that's very hard to find and one to bloom very rarely with this really hot science teacher.  
She's hot, hands down but what makes me think she's an interesting person?  So based on the article, she is very good at explaining things which prevents the class from ever sleeping.  That's not very easy to find in anyone.  For one, I would admit I am a writer but not a good speaker.  I tend to bore my classes when I teach (I was a part-time teacher myself) so I started to learn a few basic stuff.  Beauty is just a bonus... the fact she is beauty and brains makes a rare catch for a person.  
I will further try to update this post or write a related entry when I can!

Is That Crush on Kimberly Hart Be One Big Denial of a Super Sentai Purist Who Was a 90s Kid?

The meme above speaks a lot.  I made that meme with Mako saying the lines because she in some way, reminds me of Kimberly but not totally.  So it made me think that there's probably one denial they cannot hide for too long or was too obvious.  It would be for those Super Sentai purists that are

It's this one... and the answer was written all over the meme...

Kimberly Hart of MMPR.  I would admit during that time, she is really gorgeous.  As terrible as I think the series is after watching Zyuranger and Dairanger, I would still dare say it was very hard IMO to out-class her beauty.  Well Mei is probably my type of girl to date but appearance-wise, Kimberly wins.  In fact, I would say it's hard not to overrate her at all.

I would admit that some Super Sentai purist had ranted something crazy like, "Instead of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, we were shown that bootleg show called MMPR!  Power Rangers is a parasite that will never exist on its own!"  Pardon me, Saban and T…

Good Thing President Nobita Won't Run For 2016!

While it's still no guarantee that the Philippines will be in better hands... however let us get this straight... at least President Nobita won't run for 2016.  The idea of "One More Term for PNoy" may end up reversing the good that his parents had fought for.  If anything should be amended or corrected from the 1987 Constitution it's the 60/40 policy that started by the way WITH THE LATE FERDINAND MACOY'S ADMINISTRATION.

Now why do I think it's good that President Nobita isn't geting another term for 2016?  You have to remember that the late Ninoy fought to limit the presidential powers because the late Ferdinand Macoy's administration was really rampant on corruption.  To allow President Nobita to another term would be just as risky as to allow that power hungry midget Gloria Abobo (his favorite scapegoat) for charter change.  The risks of allowing this incompetent idiot to run another term would mean six more years of stupidity.

"How MAN…

Pro-Squatter Policies Reward the Lazy Failipinos and Punish the Diligent Filipinos!!!!

I have written how Failipino culture actually punishes the diligent and rewards the lazy.  Like it or not, it is a frustration to every good Filipino citizen to have that culture.  The biggest problems had to be this... de-criminalizing of squatting laws out of "human rights" and the Commission on Human Rights in the Philippines is nothing more than a welfare state program.

Now let's explore how pro-squatter policies reward the lazy and punish the diligent. Squatters are defined as, "a settler with no legal title to the land occupied." or "a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited land or unused land."  The squatting culture is a very common problem in third world countries.  The Philippines for one is plagued with squatters especially in the infamous turfs of Tondo, Manila.

Now talk about the Pinoy who works hard to earn his or her own money.  You may have good Pinoys from the labor sector who are doing what they can to send their children to …

Remembering My Hated Former Best Friend and Some Dreams It Caused Me

Recalling my hatred with my former best friend, it was sort of like a Cyclops vs. Mr. Sinister type of hatred.  He was a person who was manipulative, working behind the shadows and always letting his cronies do his dirty work for him... and he would do anything regardless to achieve his goals.  Fortunately he's not a geneticist or I cannot truly imagine the damage he would do to mankind.

Which of course, my former best friend had even manipulated me to no end.  What I found creepy was what he would do to do anything to achieve his goals.  Like I would hate to admit that he was supportive of the idea of me and my real first crush being married, while he "stole" my so-called first crush so he can have money to fund his dirty projects.  Sometimes I can't help but speculate that he's been having notes in genetics to achieve his evil and sinister goals.  I kind of admit that he bragged how much he "stole" my so-called first crush while telling me to go after…

Saluting Failipino Products and Services is NOT Patriotism But Stupidity

Now as a self-employed Tsinoy, I don't have any problem with asking for support of the local industry.  As said, local Filipino businessmen NEED local support but one thing is the huge problem. What would that be?  The keyword towards the whole problem is QUALITY... and the problem of the Philippines is a lack of quality in a lot of its products.  You could really think of badly made products.

While it's patriotism to salute quality Filipino products and services but to salute Failipino products and services is tantamount to betraying one's country.  Again it's NOT colonial mentality to like anything imported.  What is wrong is when you buy everything imported regardless of quality even if it's junk just because it's imported.  The same goes if you buy everything local regardless of quality even if it's junk just because it's local!

Here are a few examples with how Failipino products and services (Pinoy products of bad quality) that is definitely pull…

A Few Places in Cebu to Get Quality Filipino Food

Cebu is one of the best places to get quality Filipino food.  Now the aim of this entry is to give advice to tourists to check out Cebu instead of Imperial Manila.  I'm making up this list for foreigners who want to avail of quality Filipino food.  These places may look modern but they serve Filipino food in a very good way.

Here are a few places that makes it more fun in Cebu to get Filipino food and remember, some places may not make it more fun in Cebu and it's always more fun in Cebu:

Golden Cowrie is one of the many restaurants.  It serves quality Filipino food such as its famous Crispy Pata.  This place is frequently flooded by foreigners of all types who wants to try quality Filipino food.  It has its locations in Salinas Drive, SM City Cebu and Ayala Center Cebu to name a few places.

Another ideal place is Tsiboom Native Restaurant.  It is a rival to Golden Cowrie in terms of delicious food.  The address is above at J Centre Mall., 165 A.S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City Ce…

What This Messy Picture at The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is Telling About Failipino Culture

Here's a picture from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which actually shows how more often than not that Failipinos are very offensive towards every decent Filipino.  Why is that?  Just take a look at the picture here and you can see what's definitely wrong.  What I have shown is a classic example of how inconsiderate Failipinos are.   Philippine Bureau of Customs Ruffy Biazon criticized this act as an act of non-patriotism which is true.  This also is a microcosm of what's wrong the Philippines' situation of DISCIPLINE.

Now I would like to share a bit of my travels to Singapore and Hong Kong.  While Singapore is a blur to me since I was 13 that time, I'm 29 years old... Hong Kong was at least seven years ago so I would at least still give a good picture.  Now went I went to Hong Kong and Singapore, mind you the places were very clean.  Even with a janitor around, people were considerate not to throw their mess around.  Anybody who violated the rules were fi…

Three Reasons Why Taxes in the Philippines Are Hard to Collect!

Somehow do you ever wonder why the Philippines' tax collection tends to be hard to collect?  Well only if the Bureau of Internal Revenue Robbery realize what is going on.  You have BIR Konsomisyoner Kill Henares as part of the problem.  Just think of the following reasons why taxes are hard to collect in the Philippines:

1.) The Philippines has the HIGHEST tax rate in ASEAN.  

Just think the link I put is from ABiaS-CBN.  For one, if you increase tax rates TOO MUCH, it will discourage people from contributing higher to the government, it punishes the diligent and rewards the lazy in the process.  They always say that lower taxes will hurt the income of the Philippines... yeah right and WHERE IS THE MONEY HEAD TO?!

2.) Bad governance and misuse of funds.  

The Philippine government is never known for being honest and accountable.  I wouldn't mind paying huge taxes IF I am getting what I pay for.  the problem is, the government always misuses the funds.  Why is President Nobita a…

Classic Amy Jo Johnson Pictures for October 24, 2014

Well here's more classic Kimberly Hart pictures for today...
Feeling quite stressed...
She's admiring her new cactus...

Just gotta love that smile...

This sight makes me want a girl who looks like her...

Satirical News: ABiaS-CBN Reacts to GMA-7, Creates Pinoy Rider!

ABiaS-CBN had heard that GMA-7 had planned to show Kamen Rider OOO.  Rather than pick up any Kamen Rider series that was not shown, they have planned to do their own personal project.  Now they have bragged that Filipinos will now have their very own Kamen Rider which they called as the Pinoy Rider.  Pinoy Rider will be a project by President Nobita's sister, Kris and it will have the support of the production crew of Juan Dela Cruz.

Daniel Padilla who is currently 19 years old is set to play as the main character Emilio Henares.  The story of Pinoy Rider revolves around a 19 year old young man who lives in Tondo, Manila.  One day he is chosen by a babaylan to be acted by Anne Curtis to become Pinoy Rider.  In this series, Pinoy Rider must battle the evil forces of Filipino-Chinese mogul named Sean Kang.  Sean Kang is the owner of a new television called the Sean TV which is responsible for airing Japanese, Chinese and Korean shows.  Worse, Sean Kang the main antagonist of the s…

Vanessa Hessler Picture for October 23, 2014

Here's the lovely Vanessa Hessler eating out with friends...

My Reaction to Keiji Inafune Wanting Capcom to Make More Megaman Games!

"I think there are probably some people in Capcom that want to do Mega Man games, and if that’s the case, I really hope they do them because it’s a great character. But that’s totally up to the publisher what sort of content they’re going to invest in, and what sort of content they’re not going to invest in." — Keiji Inafune (source)

My reaction?  Keiji Inafune has gotten that right.  It's totally unfair to really, REALLY bash the  Blue Bomber after many years of faithful service.  Inafune is right that Megaman is a great character, he conceived Megaman and that Megaman became quite a huge hit.  Too huge that it had to move on with going to other systems.  It went to the SNES, later the X series got so popular it went beyond Nintendo systems and invaded other systems.  Megaman is a very important cultural icon that cannot be dismissed disrespectfully!

For example, I just can't forget the atrocity that Capcom did by suddenly canning Megaman Legends 3 in SPITE of a hug…

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for October 22, 2014

Here's some Vannessa Hessler pictures for today...
Time for some delicious toasts for breakfast!
She's really blazing gorgeous!

 A beauty by the morning!

Failipinos Hate The Philippines and They Don't Even Know It!

The Failipino says, "I love my country.  I love the Philippines.  I am not like those Pinoys who reject Pinoy pride, to love our country means to make a Philippines only for Pinoys.  I am a Pinoy and I am proud of being late, of not following guidelines, of my sense of humor, I am always ready to defend  my fellow Pinoy Pridist no matter what... even if they are guilty."  For them, they love their country but oh really?

Let's take a look at these examples.  There is the parent and the child.  Now why does a parent tell the bitter truth to the the child when he or she does wrong?  It's because they love the child.  This parent tells the truth not to hurt the child but to help the child see what's right and what's wrong.  On the other hand, we can have the poor example of overindulgent parents.  Afraid their children will get offended, they end up overindulging the child aka raising up spoiled brats.  The poor may steal what the child wants, the rich wastes m…

Four Ways that Failipino Tenants Are A Pain in the Ass to Every Decent Filipino Tenant or Landlord!

Events really just inspire me to write all these kinds of entries doesn't it?  For one, I even think that it's time to write about Failipino or FLIFPAG tenants to why they area  problem to every decent Filipino tenant and to every decent Filipino landlord.  Every decent Pinoy or Filipino tenant works hard, they abide by the rules, they believe in treating everyone right, they believe in give and take.  On the other hand, the Failipino tenant is one of their major enemies.

Now here's the problems that can be commonly observed and being a land owner, it's simple as that these people believe that the customer is always right:

1.) Failipino tenants are known to violate rules written by contract aside from payment.  You can name it from not following village rules to sub-leasing the premises when it's clearly against the contract.  For them, not following rules is more fun in the Philippines!

2.) They tend to be very lazy even to get their own application for utilities.…

Seven Ways That Victim Card Mentality is More Fun in the Philippines (For FLIPFAGs)!

I have written about the Victim Card Mentality and five ways that the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" tagline has ruined the country, now I would write why it's more fun to play the Victim Card Mentality in the Philippines.  Plus, I don't mean it in a good way!  Every enlightened Pinoy who differs from the Failipino/FLIPFAG will testify to how crazy the Victim Card mentality is and why it's more fun in the Philippines!  Yeah, I'm being sarcastic because these events make every decent Pinoy and other decent Filipinos go ballistic!

1.) In a poor country like the Philippines, it's very easy to justify one's very own poverty as an excuse to skip away from responsibilities like paying bills, rent and every amount due to them.  For them, poverty is a shield compared to if you go to countries like Singapore, Japan, China and Taiwan.  The Failipino mindset is "Blessed are the poor."  It's one of the worst things that the Imperial Spaniard…

Dumb Ways to Vote: More Fun for in the Philippines?!

Here's  a fun video that addresses why the Philippine government is nothing more than Aliens vs. Predator.  Watch this video and see how many dumb ways are there to vote.

What If I Entered a Marriage of Convenience With My Ex-Girlfriend

One of the thoughts I gave attention to was what if I married my ex-girlfriend for the sake of convenience.  In fact, I always thought that I dated my ex-girlfriend because I wanted to get even with my so-called first love and two, some girl I courted but rejected me.  So I thought if I married her, I might actually have a few benefits from the marriage of convenience.  First my wife though she isn't that hot, is hotter than those two people I wanted revenge against.  Second, it would elevate my status from my peers who said I'd never find true love.

Here comes the dramatic part... what if the marriage really happened.  What if things happened not the way they are today?  What if I really married but only for the sake of convenience?  What if she never discovered the reason why I dated her and wanted her?  In short, it would be a marriage of convenience which will soon spell much driven tragedy.  Now I thought of the statement, "You might be happ for just a few years th…

Satirical News: No Direction Confirms Christmas Concert!

Now No Direction is having its latest concert... this Christmas!!!!!

As if the huge sensation that is No Direction during the SONA was never enough, President Nobita now plans a year end concert.  Band members Kill Henares, Pink Lacson, Money Villar and Doraemar Roxas are all anticipating for a Christmas concert for their fans.  The way it looks like the music band called No Direction is a bigger phenomenon in the Philippines while it has also caused much ridicule from the rest of the world for holding an "infernal concert".

So far, No Direction has prepared to leak out the following footage:

President Nobita shows he can dance some moves!

Last time, President Nobita was seen moonwalking at the Hacienda Nobita where he was seen attempting to do the late Michael Jackson's moonwalk.  When interrogated, President Nobita answers that the No Direction concert will help boost the trust of the people in their government.

Another interview was held with Bureau of Internal Robber…

Ten Ways That the Enlightened Pinoys Differ From Failipinos!

The enlightened Pinoy is the individual that moves away from the typical, stereotypical Pinoy (Failipino or FLIPFAG).  So how does the enlightened Pinoy differentiate from the Failipino?  The Failipino is arrogant, proud of stuff that most Pinoys do, they think everything Pinoy is good, they support only Pinoy, they have the wrong sense of nationalism and everything that gives the Pinoy a bad image. However enlightened Pinoys differentiate in these ways:

1.) The enlightened Pinoys choose to succeed as themselves even if the rest of the nation chooses to laugh at them.  I could remember how I salute Michael Christian Martinez for being the lone Filipino, no support and yet he pressed on REAL HARD which inadvertently showed how balimbing FLIPFAGs really are.  He went to march forward, showed the world that in spite of coming from a country filled with FLIPFAGs, he showed that the Pinoy with hard work and dedication can stop being a FLIPFAG and be that enlightened Filipino! 
2.) The enli…

Reflecting on a Strange Toku Crossover Dream Last Night: FLIPFAGs will Refuse Rescue from Foreigners Huh?!

I was inspired to write this post because of a WTF dream I had last night.  So I dreamed that the Philippines was attacked by the League of Japanese Tokusatsu villains led by a revived Radiguet from Chojin Sentai Jetman, far more demented than he was last 1991... and along with it were other Toku villains which some Filipino kids in the 80s-90s would be familiar with.  Now prepare for an epic facepalm because as fictitious as Pinocchio this journal entry is... there is a very colorful commentary on how stupid Failipino pride is!

Who can forget all that stupid disasters of a lot of Pinoy-made superheroes?  The last one I can remember is called Zaidorks: Pulis Pangkagagohan.  Others you might remember are Bio Kids and Super Rangers Kids- full of bad special effects, bad script, bad acting (but these were movies) like Zaido which is a MILE long of stupidity and bad pacing.  To be honest, as if Ginago Mga Audience didn't air Kamen Rider to get the idea at least of how to write Zaido&#…