My Reaction to Keiji Inafune Wanting Capcom to Make More Megaman Games!

"I think there are probably some people in Capcom that want to do Mega Man games, and if that’s the case, I really hope they do them because it’s a great character. But that’s totally up to the publisher what sort of content they’re going to invest in, and what sort of content they’re not going to invest in." — Keiji Inafune (source)

My reaction?  Keiji Inafune has gotten that right.  It's totally unfair to really, REALLY bash the  Blue Bomber after many years of faithful service.  Inafune is right that Megaman is a great character, he conceived Megaman and that Megaman became quite a huge hit.  Too huge that it had to move on with going to other systems.  It went to the SNES, later the X series got so popular it went beyond Nintendo systems and invaded other systems.  Megaman is a very important cultural icon that cannot be dismissed disrespectfully!

For example, I just can't forget the atrocity that Capcom did by suddenly canning Megaman Legends 3 in SPITE of a huge fandom wanting to bring the series' third game.  WTF Capcom?!  I mean TAKE a look at all the petitions it has gone beyond 100,000 people who want Megaman legends 3 returned.  I was expecting it back then and WTF why did they cancel it?  All the poor excuses isn't going to do!  Capcom, you WTF ruined my childhood with improperly ending the Megaman series!

If Capcom is really greedy enough, it should GIVE IN to the demand of making Megaman Legends 3, wrap up Megaman Legends then focus on what games the various versions of Megaman can be placed into!