Ten Ways That the Enlightened Pinoys Differ From Failipinos!

The enlightened Pinoy is the individual that moves away from the typical, stereotypical Pinoy (Failipino or FLIPFAG).  So how does the enlightened Pinoy differentiate from the Failipino?  The Failipino is arrogant, proud of stuff that most Pinoys do, they think everything Pinoy is good, they support only Pinoy, they have the wrong sense of nationalism and everything that gives the Pinoy a bad image. However enlightened Pinoys differentiate in these ways:

1.) The enlightened Pinoys choose to succeed as themselves even if the rest of the nation chooses to laugh at them.  I could remember how I salute Michael Christian Martinez for being the lone Filipino, no support and yet he pressed on REAL HARD which inadvertently showed how balimbing FLIPFAGs really are.  He went to march forward, showed the world that in spite of coming from a country filled with FLIPFAGs, he showed that the Pinoy with hard work and dedication can stop being a FLIPFAG and be that enlightened Filipino! 

2.) The enlightened Pinoy reject the notion that the Philippines is only for Pinoys.  They are like a bunch of like Abe Lincolns.  They fight for equal treatment of all ethnic groups who are residents of the Philippines.  For them, the Filipino-Chinese or any non-Pinoy Filipino is their countryman.  They are non-racists to their fellow Filipinos who are not Pinoy by blood.  They are ready to open up businesses as long as nothing ethical is crossed.

3.) The enlightened Pinoys reject the notion that the Philippines must remain forever with its unjust anti-foreign polices (like the 60/40) while its companies gets 100% ownership around the world.  They believe it's time that the Philippines must get rid of 60/40 in exchange for higher joint venture packages for foreign investments, that they must practice the rule of fairness.  They believe that fairness begets fairness.  They buy not because of the origin but because of quality.  You will see the enlightened Pinoy wear a quality local short, quality imported pants, he or she watches a good imported movie, he or she watches a good Filipino movie, he or she will choose anything for quality... in contrast to xenophobia and colonial mentality.

4.) The enlightened Pinoys refuse to merit Pinoy blood as the reason why certain people succeed.  For them, anybody who is half-Pinoy is not always their countrymen, they respect anyone regardless.  They say that Pinoy blood has nothing special as much as every other.  They refuse to believe in hte idea of the purity of Pinoy blood adn would reject any form of racism.

5.) The enlightened Pinoys value any form of decent work.  For them work is important and that being a leech sucks.  They hate the victim card mentality with much of a passion.  They are, "If I'm poor then I must use money wisely.  Being poor won't excuse me for not paying my obligations!"  They value work and will do anything to find it.  They may choose to become OFWs for a moment, slowly save the money then start to open up a small but doing well business.  They do not believe in the value of raising leeches.  For them being an OFW means Only For Work not Okay Fine Whatever.  They reject the idea of easy money and embrace the idea of working hard for a day's pay.

6.) The enlightened Pinoys believe of being on time in contrast to the typical Failipino habit of not being on time.  Someone may say that being late is a sign of nationalism and patriotism.  Excuse me... if you love your country, you will seek to improve it!  The enlightened Pinoy will wow everyone with his time consciousness, he or she will show them that any Pinoy can do it, why can't the others.  They show the world that they are breaking the bad habit for the habit of being on time!

7.) The enlightened Pinoys believe preparedness is a very powerful weapon even when the government is not.  Just think why some private hospitals are very competent.  They would expect loads of patients daily so... they always make sure that they are fully equipped.  They believe that timeliness is a very important thing.  Even if the government isn't ready for an Ebola outbreak they are ready for it.

8.) The enlightened Pinoys beg to differ from the government office.  For them, they don't want to receive pay while sleeping.  They prefer to receive pay because they earned it.  Last time I remembered, an enlightened Pinoy chose to work at Metrobank while the loser Pinoy went to work at Landbank.  The Failipino said that the government banks are a breeze because he can dilly dally and still get paid.  But the hardworking Pinoy said, "Well that's stupidity.  I will work hard!"  

9.) The enlightened Pinoys are not afraid to voice out with what's wrong with the country, even if they are going to get accused of "treason" by Failipinos.  They view that criticism is needed for just about anything to get the country at the right track.  They may get ridiculed but as said, truth NEVER changes.  You cannot alter the truth just because everyone believes a lie.  For them, they are willing to stand by the truth that something is wrong in the Philippines even if they don't have much supporters.

10.) The enlightened Pinoy rejects the tagline that it's more fun in the Philippines.  They believe that such a tagline has already caused the Philippines to go downward.  In short, they reject Pinoy pride.  The enlightened Pinoy is a humble individual who rejects any form of unhealthy pride.  They value humility and be willing to be servants in order to become competent masters.

Now just the question... what kind of Pinoy are you?  Are you the enlightened Pinoy or are you the Failipino which is the typical Pinoy?