Failipinos Hate The Philippines and They Don't Even Know It!

The Failipino says, "I love my country.  I love the Philippines.  I am not like those Pinoys who reject Pinoy pride, to love our country means to make a Philippines only for Pinoys.  I am a Pinoy and I am proud of being late, of not following guidelines, of my sense of humor, I am always ready to defend  my fellow Pinoy Pridist no matter what... even if they are guilty."  For them, they love their country but oh really?

Let's take a look at these examples.  There is the parent and the child.  Now why does a parent tell the bitter truth to the the child when he or she does wrong?  It's because they love the child.  This parent tells the truth not to hurt the child but to help the child see what's right and what's wrong.  On the other hand, we can have the poor example of overindulgent parents.  Afraid their children will get offended, they end up overindulging the child aka raising up spoiled brats.  The poor may steal what the child wants, the rich wastes money on that child until they are soon forced to loan money for that reason.  This should show why the Failipino actually hates the Philippines.

Hatred can happen in two ways... passive and active.  Active hatred for example is like me always badmouthing, insulting, hurting someone because I despite that person and I know for well my feelings of hatred.  Hitler's example of active hatred for the Jews was displayed when he openly persecuted them and called to exterminate them because he hated them with a passion.  The Failipino's hatred for the Philippines is a passive one.  Like the example that I raised about overindulgent parents.  Whenever a parent does not rebuke a child's mistake, it is a very act of hatred.  As the saying goes, "You can rebuke without loving but you cannot love without rebuking."  To refuse to lovingly rebuke a child is just as bad as or even worse than rebuking without loving and it is a form of passive hatred, which is a hatred that the person is not aware of that he actually is hating the person by his or her actions.  The Failipino is indeed a passive hater of the Philippines and he/she does not even know it.

So how are Failipinos really hating the Philippines?  By their attitude of Pinoy Pride.  They are proud of values that are bringing the Philippines down.  For them, it's MORE FUN in the Philippines to do such values.  What values are these?  The many things Pinoys are proud of are like being habitually late, making ranges of excuses for not doing the job, not paying one's financial obligations, not respecting authority, viewing discipline as dictatorship, making heroes out of the wrong people and not even following SIMPLE GUIDELINES.  These values are shaming the Philippines.  For example, showing one's incompetence in the foreign workplace can easily give the Philippines a very bad image.  Even incidents like the Failipinos hating other countries for RIGHTFULLY executing their countrymen for crimes they deserve makes every Pinoy look like a loser.  To be proud of such activities will just continue to make the Philippines worse.

On the other hand, the enlightened Pinoy belongs to the sector of enlightened Filipinos as they reject the wrongs of the Philippines.  Enlightened Filipinos in general, not just the enlightened Pinoy seek to right the wrongs of the country even if majority will go against them.  Those who truly love the Philippines care about their country enough to point out what is wrong with it.  Those who love their country will seek to right the wrongs of their country.  If you love your country, you will seek to improve it even if it means opposing its current culture to build a better one!