Remembering My Hated Former Best Friend and Some Dreams It Caused Me

Recalling my hatred with my former best friend, it was sort of like a Cyclops vs. Mr. Sinister type of hatred.  He was a person who was manipulative, working behind the shadows and always letting his cronies do his dirty work for him... and he would do anything regardless to achieve his goals.  Fortunately he's not a geneticist or I cannot truly imagine the damage he would do to mankind.

Which of course, my former best friend had even manipulated me to no end.  What I found creepy was what he would do to do anything to achieve his goals.  Like I would hate to admit that he was supportive of the idea of me and my real first crush being married, while he "stole" my so-called first crush so he can have money to fund his dirty projects.  Sometimes I can't help but speculate that he's been having notes in genetics to achieve his evil and sinister goals.  I kind of admit that he bragged how much he "stole" my so-called first crush while telling me to go after my real first crush.  Now what was he up to?  I was thinking he was already having his evil genetics theory and me and my real first crush were both chess pieces to his sinister goals.

Perhaps what really triggered back my memories of my former best friend was when I entered into a short-term love triangle with my former rival... for my ex-girlfriend.  That time, I managed to win over him for a time.  He wasn't aware of my real motives why I wanted the girl... it was for revenge.  On the other hand because I had a hard time winning my ex... I soon wanted to get my real first crush to gain some edge above the others.  In my case, my ex-girlfriend would trigger unusual dreams.

Everything just went back to my real first crush.  I just thought that what if my DNA and hers were really fated to meet and produce an offspring of unbelievable power?  Hmmm I'm just reading too much X-Men and just me thinking of it... I'm no Cyclops and nor is she Jean Grey.  For me, I'd hate to live my life having to wear ruby quartz visors to block my eyes from blasting them optic beams.  I guess she would hate having to become Phoenix or have those telepathic powers too.  And I just thought of the possible nightmares it had created involving me and various girls.  Another thing that always disturbed me is that he once said I should forget about my so-called first crush and rather, chase after my real first crush to move humanity towards the next level.  HUH????!!!!  In his new agenda, me and my real first crush were his chess pieces.

Perhaps one of my more bizarre dreams were later triggered when I was in search of my first crush for creepy reasons.  So I did meet some pretty half-Swiss girl who I thought was her.  So it did come to mind that I realized that she wasn't my real first crush.  But it did trigger some nightmares that were utterly weird and twisted, which included cloning.  In fact, I soon dreamed another weird dream involving the two girls.

Which it made me have a dream that the pretty half-Swiss girl I met was a clone of my first crush.  It did also involve the storyline that I was Cyclops, my first crush was Jean Grey and that pretty half-Swiss girl was Madelyne Pryor.  Which resulted to my dream of that marriage of convenience that would soon make me have a son (at least in my dreams) who I would lose into some alternate future, and later he comes back much older than me.  In my case, I was thinking that in reality, one can easily distinguish one from the other.  This of course would later lead to bizarre more dreams which I had "clone vision" dreaming other people were clones of other people.  Now my mind can't get any crazier, can it?  In which my dreams were nothing more crazy moments that were triggered by a mind that could not let go.  Then later, certain events in X-Men followed like Apocalypse kidnapping the baby and me having to send it into the future.

The most bizarre of these dreams that were triggered was soon me having to deal with the fact my son is now old enough to be my father.  Ugh... and I have a grandson who's just like my brother named Tyler... and he's a villain!  This of course creates a really terrible time displacement of sorts.  I mean, who would want to one day lose your son into some alternate future and later he comes back, twice older than you?!  And if that's not all...

Perhaps my worst nightmare had to be MERGING WITH APOCALYPSE.  Now any more after that, I hardly had a dream about it considering how much I loathe the bad direction Marvel is going.  In that dream, I thought I would never wake up considering I was merged with Apocalypse' spirit, becoming his new body and soon, I found myself fighting against this evil entity within me.  The whole battle for my well-being (at least in my dream) was here when I merged with Apocalypse.   I didn't even think I was even alive after that dream... and thought I was already dead.

So far, I can really say my subconscious still has a lot of things to dig out!