Seven Ways That Victim Card Mentality is More Fun in the Philippines (For FLIPFAGs)!

I have written about the Victim Card Mentality and five ways that the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" tagline has ruined the country, now I would write why it's more fun to play the Victim Card Mentality in the Philippines.  Plus, I don't mean it in a good way!  Every enlightened Pinoy who differs from the Failipino/FLIPFAG will testify to how crazy the Victim Card mentality is and why it's more fun in the Philippines!  Yeah, I'm being sarcastic because these events make every decent Pinoy and other decent Filipinos go ballistic!

1.) In a poor country like the Philippines, it's very easy to justify one's very own poverty as an excuse to skip away from responsibilities like paying bills, rent and every amount due to them.  For them, poverty is a shield compared to if you go to countries like Singapore, Japan, China and Taiwan.  The Failipino mindset is "Blessed are the poor."  It's one of the worst things that the Imperial Spaniards had passed to their colonies and the Philippines is no exception to the rule.  Rather than choose to work to get out of poverty, they choose to celebrate it instead.  They scorn every enlightened Pinoy until that person becomes rich, then they decide to be leeches to rich people.  For them, being poor entitles them to freebies, shields from moral obligations (ex. justifying why they steal and don't pay rent) and so on and if they get out of poverty (not necessarily becoming rich), it means they will have more work and paying bills.  For example, I remembered how we had workers who would seldom ask me to deduct from their salary the payment they used to pay their utility bills which is different from FLIPFAG culture!

2.) There are more Pinoys who choose to shun constructive criticism than those who don't.  The problem with a lot of Pinoys is that they reject constructive criticism as insults, they think there is nothing wrong with them, you may not lecture them but they may lecture you like the poster boy above.  It's very common to how often a lot of Pinoy workers are prone to answering back to their bosses.  I remembered an enlightened Pinoy businessman once said there's nothing patriotic about shunning constructive criticism, it's what makes Pinoys have a bad image.  Enlightened Pinoys reject Pinoy pride because they are welcome to embrace constructive criticism.  Just a note, a lot of people who reject constructive criticism are very destructive critics!!!!

3.) A lot of Pinoys are sore losers who don't bother to work to improve anything so it gives them an easy way to bring up the victim card mentality.  Why do those Failipino activists like Bobo Muna, Akbobo and Migraine International protest against foreign policies and so on?  Why does the Congress want to pass nonsense laws like the attempt to ban Filipinos in general from bringing media from abroad and banning foreign drama while they insist others recognize them?  Simple, a lot of Pinoys belong to the Failipino value of being a sore loser.  I wouldn't be surprised if an Anti-Japanese Law is passed right now because the Rurouni Kenshin movies had LOOOOONG lines that probably were as long as the One Direction ticket line!  Just think of how many Failipinos who lost fair and square show how much they are sore losers in competitions abroad.  The victim card is very easy to play in a culture of sore losers.

4.) The Migraine International Syndrome makes it more fun for the Failipinos.  It just reminds me of how the verified GUILTY Flor Contemplacion is apparently still revered as a martyr... and every March 17 (her death anniversary), it seems there is much of a state patronage to her.  It sickens every good Filipino to see a criminal given a heroine's burial.  Years later on 2008 there was the infamous three drug mules namely Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva who some stupid Failipinos hailed as heroes and innocent victims, never mind they brought the drugs into China by their will.  As much as the real name of the group is Migrante International, they are better called Migraine International.  Their syndrome is this - every guilty Pinoy is innocent and every Pinoy is a victim.  They view that only guilty foreigners are guilty and that every guilty Pinoy abroad is innocent.  The enlightened Pinoy may only say, "So what about Pinoys who are in jail?  Are they innocent?"  Sometimes China does give us a good lesson... they executed their corrupt health minister Zheng Xiaoyu last 2007, why didn't the Philippines execute Corazon "Stinky" Soliman of the DSWD for her mass negligence and corruption?!

5.) Failipinos like it or not have an offensive sense of humor which ironically, if somebody throws offensive humor at them, they cry foul.  For them, because of their offensive sense of humor, they may end up wanting to think if somebody unreasonable decided to use violence against them.  For them they can easily say, "I'm a victim of a person with no sense of humor!  Wah!"

6.) Such people don't want to discern discipline from dictatorship.  For them, every act of discipline is tantamount to being oppressed.  It's very common for a lot of Pinoy workers to be Failipino workers.  Failipinos as workers do not show respect to their superiors whether it's a Pinoy boss or not.  Maybe one of the reasons why they hate Filipino-Chinese in general is because Chinese work ethics differs much from typical Pinoy work ethics.  While some Pinoys practice good work ethics, some don't.  For them, being scolded is a form of scathing and being rebuked is a form of retribution.  They view every authoritative boss as a pretentious dictator, they think that no boss should scold the employee and for them, they would rather commit suicide than follow rules.  For one, China in spite of being a Communist country is progressive because people follow rules aside from the fact they are now open to the rest of the world, the old Chinese ways have been modified for the better.  Why is the Philippines mostly poor?  It's because people don't like rules... too much freedom.  However other places in the Philippines like Cebu and Bohol see progress because the people are more disciplined and it's easier to detect FLIPFAGs there than in Luzon and Imperial Manila.

7.) Most Pinoys are stereotyped to be arrogant losers and having ego problems.  I remembered how I talked with a FLIPFAG tenant telling him that if he can no longer pay, that he might as well look for another place because I'm operating at a loss.  He just arrogantly answered back saying, "I dare you to throw me out!"  I tried to be diplomatic but the guy is already a headache.  Squatters (they are also pro-birth idiots) are also arrogant losers with how they portray anti-squatting operations as oppressive and they have the Failipino population to back them up.  Any decent Pinoy would say that squatters are a huge problem and yes it's true with how they are a problem.  Try to get them out, they will arrogantly defend their area like how a paramour defends his/her immorality as something that's right.

The way things look like, the Victim Card mentality is hampering the progress of the Philippines as whole.  To be honest, to adverstise "Victim Card: It's More Fun in the Philippines" for tourism will just invite losers all over the world.  Every enlightened Filipino must raise up against the victim card mentality or the Philippines may become the laughingstock of Asia if not the world!