Reflecting on a Strange Toku Crossover Dream Last Night: FLIPFAGs will Refuse Rescue from Foreigners Huh?!

I was inspired to write this post because of a WTF dream I had last night.  So I dreamed that the Philippines was attacked by the League of Japanese Tokusatsu villains led by a revived Radiguet from Chojin Sentai Jetman, far more demented than he was last 1991... and along with it were other Toku villains which some Filipino kids in the 80s-90s would be familiar with.  Now prepare for an epic facepalm because as fictitious as Pinocchio this journal entry is... there is a very colorful commentary on how stupid Failipino pride is!

Who can forget all that stupid disasters of a lot of Pinoy-made superheroes?  The last one I can remember is called Zaidorks: Pulis Pangkagagohan.  Others you might remember are Bio Kids and Super Rangers Kids- full of bad special effects, bad script, bad acting (but these were movies) like Zaido which is a MILE long of stupidity and bad pacing.  To be honest, as if Ginago Mga Audience didn't air Kamen Rider to get the idea at least of how to write Zaido's pacing?!  Now nothing is wrong if you made Darna as a Filipino version of Wonder Woman (with modifications, Narda is not an Amazon) or Captain Barbel as one who is inspired by Superman, what is wrong is when it is executed HORRIBLY.  Yes, executed rather terribly.  One of the problems of Pinoy superheroes is all the crazy fillers, bad acting... you might as well include they brag it's proudly their own which dismisses inspiration in the process.

In this dream, Radiguet realizes that the Philippines may be the best place in the world for Toku villains.  He says, "Zaido?!  Those dorks won't stand a chance against us!"  He leads his alliance of Tokusatsu villains and dispatches them.  They attack Imperial Manila... the Armed Forces of the Philippines were helpless.  The Pinoy National Patola led by Impurisima just laughed at the joke and said, "We'll beat them because we're Pinoys."  For Radiguet, he starts to think that the Philippines is more fun indeed because of FLIPFAGs who are easier to beat than the military forces in advanced countries.  He says, "Ha, indeed it's more fun in the Philippines!" as he starts to establish his domain.  The Overlords and Shadow Line under his command start to turn the MRT into his portals to allow him to establish a new base for universal conquest.

Well pardon me but isn't Commander Qom also dead?  Now Commander Qom who is alive (at least in this weird dream) starts to orient the new Space Sheriffs.  He tells them that the Zaidorks were never qualified because they were habitually late, whiners, always playing the victim card mentality and everything that a FLIPFAG stands for.  In spite of that he said, "But there are decent Pinoys down there.  Even if President Nobita is a whiny cry baby and those leftists are there, we must save lives anyway!"

Just as the Japanese Tokusatsu heroes of last decade to this decade arrive, Toady Casino protests and says, "No non-Pinoy Superhero must make it!  Don't worry the Zaidorks will save you!" type of garbage.  While the Philippines is under attack by the Tokusatsu villains, the Zaidorks are seen dilly-dallying, not taking their job seriously.  The Bio Kids and Super Rangers Kids now grown up have shamed the Tokusatsu community with their FLIPFAG actions.  They can be seen not training and doing their job badly.  The Tokusatsu heroes take care of the villains ASAP.  And here's the facepalm moment... after the Toku heroes defeat some villains and save some civilians, I started to see these finest examples of Pinoy Pride which the dream is something:

1.) Taking credit for one's self when you don't deserve it or refusing to credit others who helped you with your success.  What I observed was that after the true successors of Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider rescued a lot of civilians and defeated some of the Fuuma, Madou and Maku minions. the evil media of ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience muddles the truth.  They said, "The Space Sheriffs were just sleeping, we did all the work!" and they DID NOTHING.  Toady Casino can be seen saying, "Yeah Pinoy pride!"  ABiaS-CBN and Ginago Mga Audience tried to make the Pinoy fakers as the real heroes, taking the credit where credit is not due.  Doesn't that remind you of Master Pogi from Dragon Ball Z?!  Well the villains were defeated by the real heroes, the fake heroes took the credit for themselves.  Worse, the Failipinos gave credit to their Pinoy heroes rather than the Japanese superheroes in the name of "nationalism".  WTF AGAIN!!!!

2.) A very unhealthy dose of pride and a wrong sense of nationalism of the Failipino.  During the dream, I remembered seeing myself as one of the people rescued and I was well, rescued by the Shinkengers and finally, got to converse with the whole group (good thing Mako wasn't cooking!).  The ToQGers as much as I don't like the series, rescued the people from the MRT and so did Kamen Rider Den-O.  It became a problem when some Pinoys said, "We don't want to be rescued by you, we are waiting for the Zaidorks!" when they were rescued by the Space Sheriffs.  They were ungrateful for their rescue even when they were at the Space Sheriff relocation sites, they were ungrateful because it was not a Pinoy made shelter.  However enlightened Pinoys decided to enroll at the Space Sheriff Academy so they can provide real defense for the country.

3.) The Failipino refuses to listen to the bitter truth.  During this one, the Space Sheriffs told the Zaidorks that Avilo needed to be upgraded.  I mean, look, the Space Sheriffs EVEN offered to help the Zaidorks upgrade their systems but they only say, "Well we are Pinoys!  We can succeed regardless!"  The Avilo did break down while it was trying to fire at the horde of battleships sent by Fuuma and Madou.  During this time, the Philippine ahem Failipine Army tried to fight off the invaders, they only had their Pinoy Pride in mind.  They soon cussed over when Dolgiram, Grand Birth and Vavilos appeared and outshone them.

4.) Crab mentality.  This was what defeated the Super Rangers Kids and Bio Kids... and may I mention the Powder (NOT POWER) Rangers.  They hated to see one of their members succeed.  As a result, the three so really badly written Sentai spoofs were blown to pieces by the Sentai villains marching forward towards Imperial Manila.  On the other hand, some enlightened Pinoys can be seen helping the ToQGers rescue people from the Shadow Line.

5.) Not taking one's job seriously.  As I already mentioned, the Failipino Superheroes were just doing their job rather badly.  In the middle of the assault led by Lady Dr. Polter, San Dorva and Hessler the Zaidorks were busy singing at the karaoke. WTF!!!!  In fact, they were assigned to deploy at 3:00 but they arrived at 5:00!  By then, the Toku heroes won!

6.) The culture of being balimbing.  So let's think after President Nobita was rescued, the Kamen Riders asked him if they can get at least 50% of foreign ownership as they were planning to be partners with Tony Tancaktiong, Nobita said, "NO." even after they saved his ass.  What a baby!  Worse Kill Henares just wanted to keep increasing taxes for every foreign investor who was at least half-Filipino resulting to Sayaka Akimoto threatening to shoot her!

7.) Having no direction.  Yes, the Philippines is a country with No Direction!  My obsession with One Direction AHEM No Direction (I'm just neutral on One Direction)... is because they are damaging the country.  In that dream, DILG Secretary Mar Roxas tried to become a Tokusatsu superhero only to fail badly.  President Nobita's army was literally clueless where to fight.  No strategies nor plans were ever used against the enemy... just senseless firing!

As said, it's really time for every enlightened Filipino to group up and speak out against Failipino Culture!