What If I Entered a Marriage of Convenience With My Ex-Girlfriend

One of the thoughts I gave attention to was what if I married my ex-girlfriend for the sake of convenience.  In fact, I always thought that I dated my ex-girlfriend because I wanted to get even with my so-called first love and two, some girl I courted but rejected me.  So I thought if I married her, I might actually have a few benefits from the marriage of convenience.  First my wife though she isn't that hot, is hotter than those two people I wanted revenge against.  Second, it would elevate my status from my peers who said I'd never find true love.

Here comes the dramatic part... what if the marriage really happened.  What if things happened not the way they are today?  What if I really married but only for the sake of convenience?  What if she never discovered the reason why I dated her and wanted her?  In short, it would be a marriage of convenience which will soon spell much driven tragedy.  Now I thought of the statement, "You might be happ for just a few years then the marriage is probably going to break."  Some marriages of convenience are not really worth it.  Like I know, at my age, my parents were already married with children.  Some say I'm immature because I'm not married.  So what if I chose to marry her, hid the truth from her and finally to gain status, married her?  So it would look like I moved on from my so-called first love, a marriage happens and then in a year or two, we both end up having a child together.  But in my heart, in spite of having a wife and a child, I would still feel very empty.

It should have been her not my wife... it should have been her my true love.  Those words are probably what will ring in my head during that marriage.  So what if one day I am delighted to hear that my so-called first love had shown up, she's single and available.  I might one day be excited but try to hide the excitement.  Then my wife will say, "Sean for our marriage, you just feel very plastic and everything but today, you seem unusually happy."  Then I would say, "I'm just going to meet someone I haven't met in years."  But she may soon realize my diary and everything, she might say, "Sean if you walk out of that door, don't dream of entering in again!  How can you do this to me your wife?!"

The next result would be moving to meet my so-called first love.  I don't know what reaction will happen but in the real-life scenario, I was too repulsed to even court her after seeing her visage (which was proof I never loved her).  But what if I cared less, the past is back and I can finally, FINALLY have her?!  What if I realized she never dated my former best friend who courted her while he was chasing after other girls?  I started to think I would go to her, telling her I always waited for her.  But I would try my best to hide my family picture in my wallet.  Me, my wife and our son... a family that's about to be broken apart because I could not let go of the past.  Just think of Cyclops marrying Madelyne Pryor because she resembled Jean Grey.  But in my case, it's to deal revenge on a heartbreak that never was real.

Then it happens that one day, one of my peers may say, "Hey Sean where is your wife and your son?  I remembered attending your wedding, you two were very sweet."  I would soon be forced to confess the truth with my family picture.  My so-called first love will say, "Sean, you are already married.  Look, you already have a wife and a son.  You should be happy with your present. The problem is you are so stuck in the past.  I was hoping you have truly moved on... instead you come back to me, courting me.  You even dared to hide your wife and son from me.  Tell me why did you marry her?"

"I married her because I always thought you cheated on me with my former best friend and I wanted to spite on you with a better looking woman.  But now I know, you waited for me.  Let's be together... I'll leave everything I have now for you.  You mean everything to me.... please!" would be the only words I'll be saying.  But she says, "You have your wife... you are now cheating on her with me.  Please Sean, if you love me, let me go.  You have a wife and a son now.  They are now your present.  I believe your wife may be patiently waiting for you for the sake of your son.  Do not prolong these events any longer!  It's not to late for you to learn to love your wife!  She married you because... she loves you for who you are!"

This can result to a lot of terrible moments.  It might soon be my wife saying, "Honey we hae been married, we have a son.  Do not jeopardize our marriage because your past has returned.  We have a family that we managed to be happy together.  Isn't it enough we are here, your family?  Your son needs you, I need you.  If you love your first love, let her go and be free.  She must be free.  Let her love another.  Remember, I am your wife, your present... she is your past, just an infatuation.  Come on, you have to let her go."  It might result to a painful fight if I choose to remain stubborn or two, I can choose to finally see somewhere in my heart, the marriage of convenience had some love for my wife.  Knowing my so-called first love, she will reject my advances forcing me to return to my wife.

Just my thoughts!


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