Satirical News: No Direction Confirms Christmas Concert!

Now No Direction is having its latest concert... this Christmas!!!!!

As if the huge sensation that is No Direction during the SONA was never enough, President Nobita now plans a year end concert.  Band members Kill Henares, Pink Lacson, Money Villar and Doraemar Roxas are all anticipating for a Christmas concert for their fans.  The way it looks like the music band called No Direction is a bigger phenomenon in the Philippines while it has also caused much ridicule from the rest of the world for holding an "infernal concert".

So far, No Direction has prepared to leak out the following footage:

President Nobita shows he can dance some moves!

Last time, President Nobita was seen moonwalking at the Hacienda Nobita where he was seen attempting to do the late Michael Jackson's moonwalk.  When interrogated, President Nobita answers that the No Direction concert will help boost the trust of the people in their government.

Another interview was held with Bureau of Internal Robbery Konsomisyoner, Kill Henares.  As a band leader of No Direction, she has also mentioned, "I am willing to give a 30% discount for all who view the No Direction Concert.  After all, we are losing nationalism.  It's a shame really that people choose to listen to too many imported songs.  No Direction is a band that fosters the love of country."

Yes the No Direction VIP tickets tickets all look like this!!!!!

When it comes to ticket sales, here are the following ticket prices for the concert that will be held at the Quirino Grandstand which will be sold at the BIR offices, the Department of Internal Labor and Government, at any of Money Villar owned establishments, Aguirre & Aguirre Law Firm and at the PNP Stations:

  • PHP 170,000 for VIP tickets.
  • PHP 140,000 for Diamond.
  • PHP 120,000 for regular tickets.
  • PHP 100,000 for standing ovation.

Some fans of No Direction have expressed their excitement.  One office worker said, "Wow it's so great of President Nobita to hold a concert.  Looks like we can all forget about not having tickets to One Direction's concert.  Wait I'll go borrow money first to attend this huge concert moment!  I'm so proud the walk of the Daang Matuwid!"

Another one said, "If there's anything that President Nobita is, he's the greatest.  I do believe Kill Henares should be thanked for the improvement of the economy.  She will help capture all the tax evaders and help our country gain more wealth.  I believe what Nobita says, the economy is improving.  Wow, how great is President Nobita!"

However someone who wished to remain anonymous had just badmouthed No Direction to no end.  He said, "Man do these people ever wonder why we have No Direction?  We have a president who is whiny, crazy, loser and never takes responsibility  Kill Henares is overly taxing the country and relocating them to stupid projects like DAP.  Money Villar has his ghost projects.  Doraemar Roxas transforms into anything but a good leader.  Pink Lacson is no better either as he supports President Nobita!  In fact, Netizens who are satisfied with President Nobita's performance are all a bunch of idiots who need to be re-educated!"