What This Messy Picture at The Ninoy Aquino International Airport is Telling About Failipino Culture

Here's a picture from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport which actually shows how more often than not that Failipinos are very offensive towards every decent Filipino.  Why is that?  Just take a look at the picture here and you can see what's definitely wrong.  What I have shown is a classic example of how inconsiderate Failipinos are.   Philippine Bureau of Customs Ruffy Biazon criticized this act as an act of non-patriotism which is true.  This also is a microcosm of what's wrong the Philippines' situation of DISCIPLINE.

Now I would like to share a bit of my travels to Singapore and Hong Kong.  While Singapore is a blur to me since I was 13 that time, I'm 29 years old... Hong Kong was at least seven years ago so I would at least still give a good picture.  Now went I went to Hong Kong and Singapore, mind you the places were very clean.  Even with a janitor around, people were considerate not to throw their mess around.  Anybody who violated the rules were fined.  Singapore is indeed a fine city with its rules... and even if Hong Kong is a more liberated place, still Hong Kong's standards manages to keep the airports at good standards.  For world's best airports, read here.  Not so much with me going to the NAIA.

Looking at the NAIA, I really can say that the place is a mess, very disorganized.  Just like for example, we were scheduled to receive meals, what does the stupid sales lady do?  CHATTING!  And I could also testify with how poor their standards are especially they were not even ready to receive the incoming planes from Hong Kong.  And I would really try to talk about what this picture at the NAIA stands for.  The picture itself is also a microcosm of what's wrong with the Failipino people.

For the Failipino, they tend to have their "I'm Royalty" mentality (note this article was when I was using Pinoy a derogatory term, now I use Failipino instead as Pinoy can be a neutral term).  Now why don't they pick up the garbage?  A common answer I've heard is this, "Well there's the janitor to pick it up.  That job is TOO FILTHY FOR ME!"  Excuse me... to be honest it's really, REALLY the mentality of Failipinos with their LAZINESS.  How I can interpret the situation is simple - they throw the garbage expecting OTHERS to pick it up for them rather than pick up their own garbage.  I guess that's why they hate the idea that the Philippines is called a nation of servants.  In short, they probably think people are entitled to do everything for them.

So what does this do?  It creates a system that rewards the lazy and punishes the diligent.  Remember the janitor is a helping hand, not assigned to do all the tasks.  A janitor is usually there to sweep off stuff like dust accumulation, empty the garbage cans towards the bigger bins, etc. NOT to take care of people's rubbish.  Unfortunately, decent Pinoy janitors and laborers are condemned to taking mistreatment by people who just throw their garbage anywhere. They could have already rested after their eight hours shift but instead, they even have to flush all the stinky toilets, pick up the litter, etc. caused in inconsiderate Failipino guests at the NAIA.  The fact that the Failipino offenders are not rebuked and CONTINUE to do the same offense, it's a reward for their laziness and the janitors are punished for their diligence whenever that kind of system continues.


  1. Failipinos must be preparing for the arrival of the Gaiark. :P

    But on a serious note, I hate to say it, but it's sad to say that I see some of my family members and co-workers throwing their crap everywhere; I have to wonder, though, if they are still wondering why the hell is it that flooding seems to occur faster. I even hate it when they even tell me to do the same, which I reluctantly do sometimes... -_- (I know I will sound rather cold and callous with what I'm gonna say next, but all I can say is that I hope it comes back to them, and if they still don't get it, then I don't know with them anymore)


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