Three Reasons Why Taxes in the Philippines Are Hard to Collect!

Somehow do you ever wonder why the Philippines' tax collection tends to be hard to collect?  Well only if the Bureau of Internal Revenue Robbery realize what is going on.  You have BIR Konsomisyoner Kill Henares as part of the problem.  Just think of the following reasons why taxes are hard to collect in the Philippines:

1.) The Philippines has the HIGHEST tax rate in ASEAN.  

Just think the link I put is from ABiaS-CBN.  For one, if you increase tax rates TOO MUCH, it will discourage people from contributing higher to the government, it punishes the diligent and rewards the lazy in the process.  They always say that lower taxes will hurt the income of the Philippines... yeah right and WHERE IS THE MONEY HEAD TO?!

2.) Bad governance and misuse of funds.  

The Philippine government is never known for being honest and accountable.  I wouldn't mind paying huge taxes IF I am getting what I pay for.  the problem is, the government always misuses the funds.  Why is President Nobita always approving of ridiculous budget plans like DAP and PDAF?  Before his term, there was the pork barrel for Sinators and Tongressmen. It's a repetition of the sins from the late Ferdinandl Macoy... misuse of funds.  Who wants to give money to a government that misuses your funds?!

3.) The government is protecting scumbags.  

Common sense can tell why the Macoys are still in power and why Sherap after ALL HIS CASES was later allowed to re-enter politics.  You might think of all the political dynasties.  One may also think of the money under the table from the BIR and how or why Cynic Lee is released AGAIN?!  Doesn't he have a LOT of huge tax deficit to pay for?!  Just think, while the common worker is overtaxed, why aren't the rich scumbags even locked up for thei tax evasion?!

Besides, what's next for the Bureau of Internal Robbery?  Taxing the air, the water and everything and the government provides lousy service?


  1. 'Cuz everything the Failipino government touches gets corrupted...with its ridiculous taxes... -_-


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