Pro-Squatter Policies Reward the Lazy Failipinos and Punish the Diligent Filipinos!!!!

I have written how Failipino culture actually punishes the diligent and rewards the lazy.  Like it or not, it is a frustration to every good Filipino citizen to have that culture.  The biggest problems had to be this... de-criminalizing of squatting laws out of "human rights" and the Commission on Human Rights in the Philippines is nothing more than a welfare state program.

Now let's explore how pro-squatter policies reward the lazy and punish the diligent. Squatters are defined as, "a settler with no legal title to the land occupied." or "a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited land or unused land."  The squatting culture is a very common problem in third world countries.  The Philippines for one is plagued with squatters especially in the infamous turfs of Tondo, Manila.

Now talk about the Pinoy who works hard to earn his or her own money.  You may have good Pinoys from the labor sector who are doing what they can to send their children to school.  Some workers have saved some money to buy a parcel of land.  I mean, just think of all the sweat and tears some people will do in order to get a parcel of land or buy a house.  Just think, the laborer to the sales person are doing the best they can in honest living rather than do criminal work for easy money.  So they finally get their small decent house enough to give them comfort and shelter from the harsh conditions of the outside world.

But wait, just when you thought they could live in that house, those nasty squatters settle in.  The squatters are easily known for their dirty lifestyle.  I have gone to a basic slum area and man does it stink really hard!  I have noticed the bad habits of squatters like improper garbage disposal, peeing and pooing anywhere they want (VOMIT) and more.  What's worse is that they tend to carry their pro-birth habits which again, results to more improper human waste disposal.  For the squatter, they have their typical victim card mentality, wrong sense of entitlement and everything that is just wrong with the Failipino or FLIPFAG.  A lot of squatters can be part of the whole Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely for All Generations. Some squatters do stop being squatters, seeking to alleviate their conditions but a lot are stuck with Pwede Na Yan.

So why do I say that pro-squatter policies are rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent:?  It's simple really and it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a genius to figure it out, it can be observed with COMMON SENSE.  Those lawful settlers have WORKED HARD for their money and they deserve to be rewarded.  On the other hand, I will talk about the squatters.  These squatters just build their houses wherever they feel like it.  They don't really work to get a decent house, they just occupy wherever they want and they arrogantly claim a property as theirs just because they are there.  Just think it's like the paramour claims himself or herself to be the rightful partner of whoever he or she is dating.  Whenever an arrogant squatter sets in, they are zeroing all the hard work that people did to gain themselves some decent housing.  In short, pro-squatter policies are allowing leeches to exist in the Philippine setting sucking off the lifeblood of diligent Filipinos in the process.

If anything should be done, the Philippines should really FORGET about the so-called Commission o Human Rights' B.S. because it's not really protecting human rights, its protecting the rights of parasites.  It's really time to criminalize squatting because by not criminalizing it, it has become criminal to work hard to get a better life while it has become lawful to become lazy.  It's really time to stop rewarding the lazy and punishing the diligent.  Sad to say but Failipino logic always grants protection to the wrong people who are ruining the country through their actions.


  1. I think squatting is not illegal or unlawful in any sense, and not a problem. They created the words squat and gave it bad meaning. Squat according to dictionary is "unlawfully occupy an uninhabited building or settle on a piece of land". But who gave the government the rights to own the lands?
    Human are given rights to the lands by god and not by government. Government were created to steal the land, create laws and control the people. Everyone should have rights to dwell and make their shelter on any land, as long as they are not disturbing anyone else.
    The problem is keeping the land clean.
    And I am not Filippino.


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