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A Shinkenger-Nickelodeon Cross?

Well there's no real Shinkenger and Nickelodeon crossover but it's just my crazy thought of a short-term fan fiction based on the fact that the Shinkenger adaptation is in Nickelodeon.  So if Takeru Shiba warped into Nickelodeon, it's going to be where he'll need to lend the five other powers to five other characters.

So here's the possible team:

Takeru Shiba- He fell into the world of Nickelodeon by some stupid wish made by Timmy Turner.  He replaced Crocker as teacher but only because of a wish.

Mikey Simons- He becomes Shinken Blue.  He remains much of a hammy overacting side.

Timmy Turner- Although he's beyond the fifth grade (which contradicts the Grow Up Timmy Turner timeline) he still acts like a kid to keep his fairies in part even if he's in high school already.  Hmmm... loophole anyone?  He gets a samurai theme on his birthday and receives "Da Rules" that he only has a few more years before he bids farewell to his fairies.  He wishes he…

One Thing Can't Be Denied: The Philippines is Full of Beetle Baileys!

Remembering the hostage crisis of Chinese tourists in the Philippines, the truth can be seen that the Philippines is full of Beetle Baileys working in the public service especially in the area of law and order.  Why?  Well, many Filipinos are proud of the negative Filipino image of being lazy, tardy and incompetent.  In short, the hostage crisis could have been solved if it wasn't for the negative Filipino image.  Aside from just the not so everyday hostage crisis, government banks are guarded by Beetle Baileys that it's so, so easy to rob them.  Or one can see Beetle Baileys in the police force and military.  They don't do their work properly and they waste their money on liquor too.  Let any diligent Filipino (and they happen to have descended from other ethnic groups than the "native" Filipino) scold the Beetle Baileys and there is a high chance they can get accused of treason and non-nationalistic while such people think colonial mentality is an act of nation…

Just So Funny- Minesweeper Movie

Making a movie based on the Minesweeper game (yeah I sucked at it) is totally funny if it becomes a reality.  This is just for laughs.  Don't take it seriously.  Oh yeah, I would never dream of directing such a film.  If I were to make my film, I would take it from my childhood games.

Overlooking the Need for Clean Comfort Rooms

It's a sad reality that many people out of being like Mr. Krabs would overlook the need for clean comfort rooms.  Right.  In fact, they are so stingy that they don't realize they could be releasing from unpleasant smells to more deadly diseases.  Why?  Human waste is something that must be removed of properly because it was excreted as it could KILL the person if not removed.  Not excreting one's wastes means not removing the toxic in the body.  It means to destroy the filtering system like how if an airconditioner filter's dirt is not removed, it would destroy the machine in itself.  As said it's supposed to be comfort rooms, not creepy rooms.

Long Gone Opportunity with A Girl

I do still bother to remember the time I was courting a girl who was sorta like Mei in Zyuranger- well she was pretty, though she cried but she could be tough if needed be, she was a warrior of love.  Oh, she had bigger eyes than Mei.  Well we did have a complicated cycle- she was kind to me even if I desired her against her will, made obvious my unwanted advances towards her and she always tried to resist me without being rough.  All her tears made me stop my amorous advances towards her and made he treat her better.  It seemed soon that we were Belle and Beast- yet I sought other women because I was afraid of any racist slur from my side.  Eventually I went from one bad girl to another until I finally lost my opportunity with her and the spell can't be broken.  Sigh.

Appreciation of Physical Beauty Can Be Biased

Here's a bit of reality... sometimes appreciation of physical beauty is biased.  Here's a bit of an example...

An example would be for a Power Rangers fan who's frustrated to find out that there was Super Sentai and in his/her opinion, the show is much cooler.  I've read some reviews and comments concerning Mei being prettier than Kimberly.  For me, that's all just plain biased.  I have to admit I both find them pretty but my opinion is Kimberly Hart is still hotter (way hotter) than Mei but... I like Zyuranger better for its more mature plot while MMPR was dragging itself along the way. :-P  Or some Power Rangers fan boys will say that PR babes are hotter not because they are hotter but because of preferences between both franchises.  Sigh, even Sentai fanboys who detest Super Sentai can be biased and not on a truth basis say that Sentai girls are hotter which can be evidenced in them saying Mei is prettier than Kimberly Hart.

Sometimes it can be based on race.  So…

Sometimes An Odd Couple Can Exist Between Two Pretty or Ugly People

Well here's a little bit of thoughts- odd couples are always thought that one is ugly, the other isn't.  But not always.  It can also exist between two ugly people and two pretty people.

So here are examples of imaginary odd couples:

You can pair a good looking Oriental with a Caucasian.  Well they may look good individually but lump them together, you still get an odd couple.

As for the ugly, hmmm... it's hard to think about it but as said, get two different types of ugly, put them together and they're still odd.

Or well talk about height.  You can have two ugly/good-looking people but height becomes another oddity factor, that is one is way taller than the other or the guy is shorter than the girl.

Emma Roberts is a Diamond Girl...

Here are some of Emma Roberts with her diamond earrings... and she's in fact a diamond girl.

Oh boy, how many covet her so and I'm one of them!

If I Got That Material Girl... I'd Be DEAD!

I began to think about my struggling thoughts was in courting that material girl.  What if I got her?  Oh boy, it'd be very bad results if you ask me.  Oh I have to admit that multiple travels, spas, beauty treatments, always changing clothes style, highly expensive tastes and so on is really bad, bad, bad for budget.  I guess that's why she rejected some suitor who wasn't rich- she wants to be sustained in a materialistic environment.  Oh boy.  Talk about crazy!

Judging on how I want a modest living standard, having a convenient car that's sturdy, living in a moderately spacious house... well it gets to be quite the anti-thesis to that material girl.  It may mean spending more money than I could earn, resulting to plenty of negative income.  Negative you hear me?  Yup even courtship would require really expensive products like well, honestly I could care less about those brands as much as my wealthier colleagues could care less about them!  She wouldn't wipe herse…

Ugly But Self-Obsessed

It should be funny that if there are...
The obvious that is... pretty people who are self-obsessed.  There are also...
Ugly people who are self-obsessed.  What irony really.
That in fact takes me to my experience of some bad girl who wasn't even pretty much less sexy but she was such a materialistic flirt and had a LOT and I mean a LOT of ex-boyfriends.
Another is a man who's awfully ugly yet he considers himself to be the "most handsome person ever".  Oh boy.
And it can be weird that there are attractive people whose beauty hides their inner beauty.

Yup life can be weird with all sorts of evil with all appearances you can think of both physically pretty and ugly evils exist but hey, they're all in the same club of EVIL.

Emma Roberts in Geek Mode

Emma Roberts- the Apple of my eye.  Woah.  Well she's gone into geek mode here.  Okay, still pretty.  Hmmm... this is a portrayal of beauty and brains.  Definitely, this picture was taken from the the Ray Ban Raw Sounds done last October 13, 2011.

One Thing Can't Be Denied: NES, SNES Games Can Be Very Frustrating

Compared to the computer games of today, one can't help but remember the frustrating imbalances of NES and SNES games.  What were some of these factors?

Harder controls- Yes in the earlier stages, there are always plenty of control difficulties which became stepping stones to easier ones.  It's easier to die in a NES/SNES game than it would be in today's games.

Glitchy graphics- There were a lot more glitches back then.

Lifebar falls too quickly- It can't be denied for games that use a lifebar, they become very annoying as they drop too easily.  Think about how games like Megaman in the NES and how SNES version of fighting games have that problem.

Bosses can be unreasonably hard- No doubt about it.  Megaman bosses in the NES are really frustrating when one gets used to the later Megaman games.

Endless games- Games like Pacman and Yi Ar Kung Fu don't end.  They just keep looping.  Oh wow.  Frustrating isn't it?

Another Emma Roberts Lovely Photo

When's this obsession gonna stop?  Hee hee.  To be honest, she has the beauty that's mightier than the sword  Promise her to several men and they'll fight for her.  I wouldn't mind being in the brawl.  Ha ha.  Oh yeah, promise me to her any time and I'd turn against my cruel master like Lu Bu did to Dong Zhuo.

Emma Roberts MV "I Wanna Be"

This is one of her teenage years video.  To be honest, even as a teenager she's that hot.  Now she's all grown up, she's really hot.  Oh boy.  Too bad having her is a wish too far.  LOL.

Emma Roberts' Dancing

Oh boy looks like this dance is going to get me having the hots over her.  To be honest,. the dance scene is just gorgeous.  Only if I could dance with her.  LOL.  Hee hee.

Just a Crazy Physically Ugly Guy Who's Nobody

It should be VERY VERY FUNNY that somebody who is ugly can be caught in their vanity.  I mean, I did court a girl who wasn't even pretty but man, she was so vain as if she were the prettiest girl alive.  The same goes with some guy (he'll be called Recoome Ragnarok) who's so ugly and he's nobody plus... He regards himself to be very handsome having a charming smile ignoring his awful cavities and really ugly visage that just can't hide his awful personality.  Hmmm did the ugliness of his heart work it out on the outside?His height is only 5'3 yet he considers himself tall enough for the modeling career.He's a low class laborer who's stuck on the job because he doesn't know how to manage his money especially with the fact he raises a lazy nephew.He's always filled with corny jokes he thinks win the big prize.He says that women want handsome men but he's NOT even handsome.He brags to people that he lives in a mansion when he doesn't.  His &…

Hu Yan Bin and Michael Learns to Rock

Hu Yan Bin and Michael Learns to Rock sing "Take Me to Your Heart" and "Kiss Goodbye" in the form of a duet.  The songs are literally different from each other namely one song is sorrowful, the other is a proposal.  However it was so nicely done, rendered so well it can bring tears to my eyes.
Hmmm ideal date for Chinese-White couples.

Just That Lovely Emma Roberts

What can I say?  I'm obsessed with Emma Roberts!
Just a gorgeous headshot.  Sweet and simple.

How I wish I could get right next to her.  Oh wow.  Only if I could have her for real.  LOL.