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Moon Represents My Heart

If there's any Chinese love song that I would consider one of my biggest favorite it would be the song "Moon Represents My Heart" which in Chinese is "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" to which was later made famous by Teresa Teng though it was also sung by Chen Fan Lan and one of my favorite oldies Pan Xiu Qiong as show below:
Here's the lyrics in English:
You ask me how deep my love for you is.
I love you a bit.
My affection is real.
My love is real.
Moon represents my heart.
You ask me how deep my love for you is.
I love you a bit.
My affection does not change.
My love is not different.
Moon represents my heart. One soft kiss
already move my heart.
A period of time when our affection was deep,
make me miss you until now.
You ask me how deep my love for you is.
I love you a bit.
You think and think.
You see and see.
Moon represents my heart. I just gave my thoughts that despite the uncertainties, the moon is always there.  And in the night, the moon serves as …

Delicious Mandunggo


Apparently This Picture Showed Us Super Hero Taisen Would Be Stupid

I did have my thoughts on this photo and reading some bad reviews of Super Hero Taisen.  Maybe, just maybe this photo of Spongebob Squarepants' best friend Patrick Star suggesting to get all the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders and putting them into one movie was going to be bad.  So I did have my thoughts on how Super Hero Taisen would be to me, I am yet to see it so it's too early for me to judge it based on my opinion since we do have varying opinions like Kamen Rider for me is not as good as it used to be.  However I expect myself to consider it that it could be a warning against hate fics because Kamen Rider fans and Super Sentai fans tend to fight a lot.  And for Super Sentai, I just thought that some Power Rangers fans who also start to like Super Sentai may be helping Super Sentai fans add fuel to the fire.  Oh wowee... now who made this picture in the first place?!

Vegetarian Shawarma: Tastier than Meat Shawarma

While there is the pre-programmed mindset that "meat tastes better than vegetables" however that is not always the case.  Now here's what- I am a shawarma fan and I've eaten beef, chicken and lamb shawarma from a Middle Eastern cuisine- then they came up with using gluten (vegetarian meat) over meat in itself resulting in the vegetarian shawarma.  Believe me, the results were DELICIOUS.  Yum.  In fact, not only is it delicious but it's even a healthier alternative to meat which can help reduce meat consumption to prevent high levels of cholesterol which is bad for the health.  Of course, I'm not a vegan, I still eat meat but I just found some vegetarian dishes more delicious than meat for the reasons that they're less greasy as well and they do have a certain texture that makes them taste better than meat.

Roles Pamela Anderson Should Have Been In Before...

I just thought Pamela Anderson missed a lot in the world of her hotter days. Sigh... and here are some roles I thought were best fitted for her...
In 1994 for "Interview with the Vampire" as the mortal woman on stage- I just thought Laure Marsac wasn't really "fit" for that role.  Pamela Anderson back then had the sweet, innocent looking beauty aside from being the hottest girl of her time.  She would be 26 that time.  Short role but would get that scene overrated.
In 1995 for Hercules the Legendary Journeys- She could have been given the cast of Aphrodite.  Why?  I mean she's drop dead gorgeous that time.  Then again the road to extensive surgeries that got her to become horrifying now was on its way.

Some Shows I Consider Far Worse than Spongebob and Power Rangers Samurai

While I've been overreacting over Spongebob and I'll really apologize for what I've written against him and two, I don't like Power Rangers Samurai but writing them as the bad guys is crazy, now here are shows far worse than Spongebob and Power Rangers Samurai IMO in no particular order...

Beauty and the Beach...

Well here's one classic Pamela Anderson photo at the beach before she had all those surgeries.  All I can say is wow, blazing!  No wonder a lot of people wanted to drown as long as she's the lifeguard. :P  Watching Baywatch was something... before she marred herself with plastic surgeries.  This picture really stunned me before... and I hope to grab that Pamela Anderson lookalike soon.

And here's another luscious view...

This magazine got it right... seriously it's sad she was the prettiest girl of her time yet she never saw how pretty she really was.

Even on a one piece, she's still hot.