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Ciara Hanna Picture I Found as of August 30, 2013

Here's Ciara Hanna with her copy of "Bless the Fall".  Okay Im not a fan of such bands, yeesh but she's hot. XD

Ciara Hanna Pictures I Found as of August 29, 2013

Well here's Ciara Hanna's pictures and I just love her beauty here.  Hee hee.

Christina Masterson and Ciara Hanna Together as Megaforce Rangers

Well this is a gorgeous picture of East and West ha ha.  Just made me think they'd make a perfect choice to play as Kitana and Sonya Blade for a reboot Mortal Kombat.

A Rambling on MMPR

So yeah, I've heard Power Rangers will have its DVD copy.  So I guess every 90s kid who watched it and still wants to should try to seize it ASAP.  However I'd also like to make some good and bad, two or more sided comparisons.  So yeah here's the rundown on MMPR... and these were the works of Noboru Sugimara used in here.

Season 1: 

Any kid may not notice so clearly the footage splicing done in MMPR with Japanese footage from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger.  Nobody really knows what show it was supposed to be adapted from or how long Saban has negotiated with Toei with payments and what show.  Maybe Toei allowed Zyuranger to be used due to Jurassic Park's popularity... moving on... they were shown at Fridays which for me wasn't a good thing because Fridays are supposedly study days.

So yeah, we are introduced to a story MUCH different from Zyuranger though Zyuranger footage was used like Barza as Zordon's flashbacks, even Goushi's battle with Dora Knight was used …

Classic Pamela Anderson Pictures I Found as of August 27, 2013

Another tribute to a beauty wasted to cosmetic surgeries...

I guess she has a lovely voice...

Killer smile...

Hot couple!

Beauty by the sun.

Classic Pamela Anderson and Scott Baio Pictures

Here's Charles in Charge who once dated the hot Pamela Anderson before she had any surgeries.  Just gotta admit they are pretty smoking hot.  Too bad she had the wrong choice in men leading to three failed marriages. =(
Walking by the moonlight...

Pamela Anderson looks damn hot without surgeries here...

In the Chares in Charge show...

 Pretty intimate

Ciara Hanna Picture I Found as of August 26, 2013

Blazing hot beauty in the city describes her here.  Hee hee. XD

Emma Roberts Pictures I Found as of August 26, 2013

Well the bite incident is over but she can bite me, ha ha.  Well that's just me being silly. XD

Xiao Long Bao Dumplings

Here's another wonder in Chinese cooking called Xiao Long Bao.  The xiao here means small and bao as "dumplings".  Also long here is not dragon but the steamer.  Yup, it can get confusing to spell out Chinese in romanize forms.  Hee hee.  Now moving on...

While at first it looks like an ordinary dumpling but...

However you realize that it has that delicious broth in it.  Hee hee, truly another difficult dish to master.  Yup the juices there are yummy but be careful when sucking it because it's pretty hot but have fun sucking in the soup. XD

How Power Rangers Affected Me as a Writer

Well all the purists may roar all they want but here's my post.  Ha ha.  Well here's just my thoughts on how Power Rangers has affected me as a writer.  Here are they... and mostly I find them positive but I'll need more self-discipline to get the concepts' execution done better.

While I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers but the series in itself has taught me some cool concepts to use like multiracial interactions.  Super Sentai does have it but it's pretty scarce.  So yeah, there's always a good side and bad side to both Power Rangers and its parent Super Sentai.

Well I just had the courage to do some East/West crossovers.  Okay I'll admit I've had a lot of mistakes with Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers yet it doesn't mean I'm giving up on East/West crossovers.  Not that like it never happened with Marvel vs. Capcom series but I was just had those "canon nervousness" when it came to my ideas.  Power Rangers went from Saban to…

Broiling What Should Have Been Fried Foods... My Choice!

I remembered in the past there was the use of frying. Yup, it wasn't getting any better that what was fried was already greasy since it was meat. However trying the broiler, it worked wonders. In fact, it got rid of a lot of oil while making the meat more delicious at the same time. It really worked more wonders than frying meat. In fact, the flavor is kept while a lot of oil is gone at the same time. Now here's some that can be broiled instead of fried...

Crispy pata

Yup this starts to taste better when you broil it rather than fry it. In fact, the skin gets crispy without having to use the excess oil plus there is less risk that the meat will every dry up but not that it can't dry up if you overcook it. For one, the natural juices are kept more intact.

Chicharon bulaklak

Frying can make this more greasy than it already is. However with broiling, my experience is that the pork intestines manage to preserve some flavor while a lot of oil drip underneath the grill the raw m…

How to Write Tokusatsu Patrick Star Style

Complaining about some of Toshiki Inoue's or Yasuko Kobayashi's worst moments?  Well their worst moments are nowhere near when you're writing Tokusatsu the Patrick Star way.  Here's how you do it... and this has given me an idea how messed up my writing was at the beginning.  Hopefully I'll learn to get better with experience. XD

Never mind about character development.  Just get as many characters and forcibly squeeze them where everybody is shrunk into a cameo for a movie.  Patrick Star pretty much doesn't plan anything either.  He repeated the SAME mistake in Super Hero Taisen Z which I hear is much worse than the last garbage.  Pretty much, I'd RATHER watch Operation Overdrive and Power Rangers Samurai over anything he'll write as a series or a movie.

Extremely stupid plots that just don't go anywhere.  In fact, I think that whole plan where Marvelous became the temporary leader of Dai Zangyack and Decade as the leader of the Dai Shocker was plai…

Emma Roberts Picture I Found as of August 24, 2013

Now here's another Emma Roberts picture I find really pretty.  Well as said, she can bite my nose anytime. XD

Ciara Hanna at One to Another

Well here's some pictures and she really looks pretty here. XD

Actresses Who Could Play as Poison Ivy

Well here's my thoughts on who could play as Poison Ivy and why...

Vanessa Hessler could be the best choice seeing she is really very hot.  I would say she's got the attractiveness to play that role though I'd also like to see her as Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat.

My other choice could be Emma Roberts.  She's 5'2 (like the Animated counterpart) and she's done a good job playing the psychotic Jill Roberts.  Now I'll just see her seductive.

Maybe Victoria Justice can take such a daring role though she isn't fair skinned but still, she can do.

Some "Odd" But Delicious Delicacies I Like

For some people they think these are yucky but here they are... but obviously I am very against any other meat outside pork, chicken, beef, goat or lamb since many of the other dishes outside these tend to be a lot more harmful to their consumers.  Like dogs, cats, monkeys, bats, etc. may harm you more than the usual serving of pork.

Pig's ear dish

Grilled pork intestines

Chicken feet

Looks Like I'm Now a Christina Masterson Fan

In confession, I pretty much like girls with fairer skin better than those with tanned ones like why I refused to admit I find Victoria Justice hot.  Here's half-American, half-Filipino actress Christina Masterson another of those half-breed talents like Yu Takahashi of Kamen Rider Kiva.  For me though, she beats Rhodissa Montemayor by a full mile.  Here's some photos...

She is kinda  pretty, I find her prettier than Rika Sato.

Well she would make a great Princess Kitana for a Mortal Kombat reboot film if you ask me.  She's hotter than Talisa Soto.

Well that's kinda hot.

My Thoughts on That Hot Girl Back as a Teenager...

Seldom I think about thathot woman in the past and wondering if losing her was a gain or a loss.  So it wasn't exactly attraction at first sight, we sort of spited each other until we reached our teenager years.  It was a time of hormones and yup, I had some tensions with her and she liked to spite me.  It was that time I was trying to forget my first crush that time, I was given into tensions and tried to go from one girl after the other to forget that first crush but she wasn't in my options at first.  I would admit that she was really, really hot though she had her other issues like her somewhat being airheaded or flirty, in fact she started to flirt with me in some seductive ways which was unexpected since I suffered some love life issues.  Her attractiveness was the type that made her look innocent and harmless in contrast to some whose attractiveness makes them look spiteful and deadly.  Moving on, it was a tension to tension basis.  It didn't take long for her to b…

Just Some Lara Croft Pictures

Here's my fanciful delusion of Lara Croft... well I think the recent remakes make her look like Victoria Justice in some way.  Now for delusion time...
I'd love to have Pepsi...

The beauty by the sunset...

The beauty and the beach...

Lovely as a rose, deadly as its thorns...

She's a real beauty but only in fiction...