A Great Example of A One-Sided Viewpoint of Filipinos

Although the conflict between Miriam Santiago and Vitaliano Aguirre II is already OLD NEWS, he already apologized but I can't get over some people who believed he should have not apologized.  I mean really, this is reality you must face- Aguirre is a professional lawyer and he later realized what he did was wrong so he did apologize to the tiger lady for what he did even if he said he didn't regret that whole covering ears thing because he believed he needed to do it to address she needed to lower down her shrill voice.  The whole problem is that some Filipinos are actually calling this an act of heroism when it was more of an act of self-defense.  It was all a very one-sided thing because for one I believe that Miriam Santiago's irritable personality going crazy and berating the Senate like that was uncalled for yet no matter how much you're berated, covering one's ears is definitely not appropriate though neither was the proposed torture.  At least later the lawyer withdrew realizing his mistakes.  But as far as concerned, the whole battle last year was nothing more than a show of one's one-sided siding because sometimes you have to be in the middle stance. I would say the fact he did it in national television was definitely a no-no.

I would agree that Miriam Defensor Santiago needs to watch her emotions and her language.  I mean calling the prosecutor panel names was very uncalled for, even if she was already angry and they deserved a scolding.  Well the fact is those anti-Miriam Pinoys only tend to look at her as all bad and blah blah without realizing she has done some contributions for the country like making a reasonable cybercrime law.  Problem is, a lot of Filipinos tend to be onion-skinned when the truth came out.  She was both right and wrong in the situation. It was proper to lecture the prosecutors about their mistakes while she was WRONG to call them stupid.  Yup, you have to admit that her violent temper is really a huge problem you can get dizzy listening to her.  I mean the Senate could have reminded her she was already boiling beyond normal level, I mean while she did the right thing in scolding the panel but it was done the wrong way.

Really I can't call Aguirre a hero for that covering of the ears.  This is also very one-sided.  I mean, I can understand his feelings but still, covering one's ears during a Senate hearing is disrespect regardless who is talking.  However it was fair enough that he got admonition than the inhuman listen to Miriam's speeches 24/7 since it was a minor disrespect and the punishment would be too grave for such a minor offense.  Aguirre did the right thing in asking for some respect but in doing disrespect, he has stooped down to the level of Miriam Santiago during that time.  However this may not be the only last moment of one-sided stupidity that is about to happen.