Just the Craziest Grand Brawl Ever of Evil Teachers?

Well I guess here's some place your bets and see who wins.  Here are some of my contestants for what could be the greatest grand brawl ever...

Miss Trunchbull from Matilda- Really a complete monster with lots of athletic build and muscles.  You have to admit she is a REAL monster that has little or no redeemable traits you'd be happy to strangle her.  Yup I'd rather not cross her or if I had a mother-in-law like her, I'd probably have shot her already!  She really knows how to make students suffer as well.  I think she tops this list.  Now only if we can make a Tokusatsu villain that's as badass as she is.

Colonel Ichijou in Chojin Sentai Jetman- Maybe Jetman's writers took notice of Colonel Dugan in The Next Karate Kid and made a Japanese version of him.  Yup Ichijou is all about survival of the fittest, all he cares about is "looking impressive" even at the expense of his troops.  He really abuses the Neo-Jetmen and uses humans as expendable pawns too.  I've experienced a lot of trash in my life as well.

Colonel Dugan in the Next Karate Kid- You have to admit that this guy is a social survival of the fittest guy.  He has the mentality that only the strongest.  I really found this guy really annoying (while the actor himself is badass awesome).  I mean how can he just keep bullying everyone?  Eventually his own followers left him and he got humiliated in the end of the movie.

Miss Minchin- Evil headmistress of her school who likes to play favorites among the rich.  She is also very intimidating as well.  A scary person if you ask me who is in charge of child labor with what she did to Sarah and Becky... she is a real sadistic person!  Eleanor Bron's portrayal is really very good.

Now who's going to win this brawl?