My Thoughts on That Hot Girl Back as a Teenager...

Seldom I think about thathot woman in the past and wondering if losing her was a gain or a loss.  So it wasn't exactly attraction at first sight, we sort of spited each other until we reached our teenager years.  It was a time of hormones and yup, I had some tensions with her and she liked to spite me.  It was that time I was trying to forget my first crush that time, I was given into tensions and tried to go from one girl after the other to forget that first crush but she wasn't in my options at first.  I would admit that she was really, really hot though she had her other issues like her somewhat being airheaded or flirty, in fact she started to flirt with me in some seductive ways which was unexpected since I suffered some love life issues.  Her attractiveness was the type that made her look innocent and harmless in contrast to some whose attractiveness makes them look spiteful and deadly.  Moving on, it was a tension to tension basis.  It didn't take long for her to be flirty and seductive, it was never an easy temptation especially a mere touch of her skin drove me wild, just being near her caused tensions while I was after some other bitch of a woman that time who was like as if she were the daughter of Colonel Ichijou and Miss Trunchbull.

For me it became a series of wanted and unwanted advances, a torturous sensation that this time I can really say, "It was the witch that cast this flame..."  Some part of me wanted to give in to forget my first love, another one didn't.  Regardless, it was five year tension.  She did fail one year level which distanced the "affair" a little bit but it didn't.  I had feelings for her though I was afraid to get serious with her.  What I would dare say was that she was really pretty, sexy, she had fragrant skin that was so smooth, she was really hot and it was a real temptation to give in especially with her lovely singing voice and graceful dancing.  It was a temptation that I wanted to give in to enjoy the power of the dark side.  I wanted her to try and ease the pain I thought was inflicted on me, I wanted to forget life's troubles and in fact, I wanted to give in to that temptation.  I would admit it was very vulnerable to the "seduction of the Dark Side of the Force" that time.  Well but it didn't come in the form of Palpatine/Darth Sidious but her, that girl.  It was a dangerous seduction that cannot be compared to Frollo's lust on Esmeralda.

On the other hand, an obstacle came along the way.  It was some cute geeky girl who came in the way.  While she wasn't blazing or anything, I was in love with her because she resembled (in a way) Ako Hayasaka from Chojin Sentai Jetman.  However the temptation tried to pull me away from this girl who I was crazy about but not really.

That on/off affair was not without some scars.  In fact, it may take some time before I can overcome my weakness of drooling over girls.