How to Write Tokusatsu Patrick Star Style

Complaining about some of Toshiki Inoue's or Yasuko Kobayashi's worst moments?  Well their worst moments are nowhere near when you're writing Tokusatsu the Patrick Star way.  Here's how you do it... and this has given me an idea how messed up my writing was at the beginning.  Hopefully I'll learn to get better with experience. XD

Never mind about character development.  Just get as many characters and forcibly squeeze them where everybody is shrunk into a cameo for a movie.  Patrick Star pretty much doesn't plan anything either.  He repeated the SAME mistake in Super Hero Taisen Z which I hear is much worse than the last garbage.  Pretty much, I'd RATHER watch Operation Overdrive and Power Rangers Samurai over anything he'll write as a series or a movie.

Extremely stupid plots that just don't go anywhere.  In fact, I think that whole plan where Marvelous became the temporary leader of Dai Zangyack and Decade as the leader of the Dai Shocker was plain STUPID.  Nothing makes sense and the villains are plain stupid to believe that the "vanished" Kamen Riders and Super Sentai are already dead.  It doesn't get any better when you realize his "masterpieces" are filled with a lot more plotholes than Kamen Rider Black RX's Crisis Empire plot.  Obviously the whole "war" thing was a result of Patrick Star unable to decide which franchise is better.

It's more on gush value than anything.  In Super Hero Taisen, it's a dream come true to see Kamen Rider Black fighting alongside the Maskmen especially for the 80s-90s child, but that whole thing was terribly used.  Yup then you see more heroes together then poof, it moves to the next.

Anti-climatic endings.  If you're complaining about Toshiki Inoue's finales, don't bother comparing them to how Patrick Star writes them.  In Super Hero Taisen, Diend ought to be killed but they just let him go?  That's way more screwed up than Gai Yuki getting mugged by a thug who could have been possessed by Radiguet's spirit and the Jetmen fail to see he's dying or Faiz's ending where the Orphnoch King is just unconscious or Yasuko Kobayashi's "reset button" ending in Ryuki.  If you ask me, Patrick Star sucks from start to end.  At least the reset button in Ryuki was a result of a wish... but come on why do they let Diend live after all that?!

Without a doubt, Patrick Star is the worst Tokusatsu writer ever!