How Power Rangers Affected Me as a Writer

Well all the purists may roar all they want but here's my post.  Ha ha.  Well here's just my thoughts on how Power Rangers has affected me as a writer.  Here are they... and mostly I find them positive but I'll need more self-discipline to get the concepts' execution done better.

While I like Super Sentai better than Power Rangers but the series in itself has taught me some cool concepts to use like multiracial interactions.  Super Sentai does have it but it's pretty scarce.  So yeah, there's always a good side and bad side to both Power Rangers and its parent Super Sentai.

Well I just had the courage to do some East/West crossovers.  Okay I'll admit I've had a lot of mistakes with Super Sentai vs. Power Rangers yet it doesn't mean I'm giving up on East/West crossovers.  Not that like it never happened with Marvel vs. Capcom series but I was just had those "canon nervousness" when it came to my ideas.  Power Rangers went from Saban to Disney to Saban (and this time on Nickelodeon).  Okay I do not like Power Rangers Samurai but Power Rangers Samurai inspired me to do a Super Sentai x Nickelodeon fan fic which now has two versions.  I might delete the first version in favor of the second version itself.  My fan fic "Kamen Rider Kiva vs. Danny Phantom" was a result of me getting inspired by Power Rangers on Nickelodeon USA.  Nickelodeon Japan might be showing Tokusatsu... who knows.  But for me, that was just the start.  I might start writing on a Kamen Rider OOO vs. Spongebob Squarepants, Kamen Rider Wizard vs. Fairly Oddparents and another is Kamen Rider Fourze vs. Jimmy Neutron.

Pretty much that may just be it but I thought I might expand more of this in the near future.