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Some Yin and Yang Between An Oriental Man and A Caucasian Woman

It can't be denied that there's always a DIFFERENCE between Orientals and Caucasians.  It's time to really see it at a different aspect.  While there's not much of a problem between a Caucasian man and an Oriental woman (well, adjust... adjust...) the Oriental males are stereotyped to be more dominating than the Caucasian man and Caucasian women are more free-thinking.  So what's it going to be?  Well it's time to do some balancing such as the husband being less dominating and the woman being moderately submissive, that is while she submits to authority, she however doesn't tolerate abuse.  I believe that an advantage of this mixed marriage can be that it would be time to even out the odds between the two and discarding the bad between the two.

First Love Goes Away...

I finally have to admit that it's time for my first love to go away.  Can you imagine the pain of it?  Well perhaps it's really for the best with the last request of erasing her from my mind as she already found somebody else- I hope she'll be happy.  Well, I was much younger back then.  But now things have changed.  Things are much different now.  As said, we must move on.  Things can't always stay the same can they?

Tall Oriental Guy, Short Caucasian Girl Attraction

While it's mostly expected in the past that Orientals are short and Caucasians are tall but there's always the reverse.  I may be Oriental myself but I'm at least 172 cm.  And another, based on the celebrities above Tori Matsuzaka is 181 cm and Emma Rose Roberts is only 159 cm tall.  That is simply an illustration that Americans are not necessarily super tall as some Americans are not so tall and Orientals as super short as Yao Ming is considered gigantic.  So it's back to the height norm- taller guy, shorter girl but only this time, the shorter one is the one who's white and the taller one is the one who's yellowish or pale white.
So let's try to figure out how a tall Chinese guy could get well, attracted to a short American girl and feel more confident about it because he's taller than the white girl.  It could start with some emotional security, stability, well... perhaps some avoidance of the height issue.  As said, Americans are not always tall and …

Gender Role Reversals for American-Chinese Films Anyone?

After watching Forbidden Kingdom and The Monkey King that involved a white man falling for a Chinese girl, there can be a reversal for the scripts.  So I personally thought that most of the Chinese guy-American girl scripts are based on real incidents, I think they should at least put it in fiction.  So what's my plot?  Well, I would like to see a white girl fall into ancient China like Miaka did in Fushigi Yuugi and perhaps, let a woman's point of view fill in the scene rather than just having white men.

Some Chinese Girls DO GET Attractive in the American Realm

I guess it's only natural that Chinese girls do get attractive.  Well above is Crystal Liu Yi Fei, one of my favorite Chinese actresses and a really attractive one at best.  I find her more attractive than most of the Power Rangers' babes that were present during the Disney era.  Anyway side comment- I think they would like to stay in America to learn English more then they can start teaching them their language.  Hee hee.  Talk about inter-culture exchange- maybe and must maybe, Chinese and white Americans are meant to create a super race when they interbreed?!  I think so! 
However some American males prefer to go after the ethnic looking Chinese over the enhanced ones (who carry Western genes) for some reason.  Other American males have Chinese partners that are obviously enhanced.  Well, these half-breeds can speak the Chinese language vs. those who have an American mother, Chinese father because it's the mother who coaches the language.

Why I Think There Are Chinese Men Hanging Out with White American Girls

It can't be denied that there are Chinese men who are actually getting married to American girls and I think here are just some of the reasons:
1.) The gender imbalance in China 
Due to gender discrimination in China, abortions are done to female infants before they can be born thus causing the drop.  Admit it- they've got to find a partner don't they?  Well, maybe not the top cause since they can also go to the Philippines to find a Filipino wife or other parts of the globe.
2.) Vindictive Chinese tradition has caused them to flee and seek a new life
Reading through the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (which focused on the perils of the early Chinese women), some Chinese males may have had enough of the vindictive arranged marriages, the overly demanding Chinese traditions and the overly controlling way of life.  Going for the opposite extreme?  Well looks like it.  And what better way for them to actually be American than to get an American woman?  Hmmm... nice trip. 
3.) Perhaps it…

Can an Oriental Guy and a Caucasian Girl Find Happiness?

Can an Oriental guy find happiness with a Caucasian girl?  Well, it really depends if they can really accept each other and give up some customs for the sake of the other as some Orientals have given in to much Western beliefs and putting aside old folk beliefs.  I personally think they can.  In the first place, modern-minded Oriental guys can actually get along with moderate Caucasian girls.  Some Oriental-Caucasian marriages can run well.  All it takes is to really understand and adjust to each other and a give and take process.  However it's a problem among Chinese males to be philandering with women normally not of their race and what composes the majority in a nation- for example in America, they would go after whites or in Africa, after blacks.
So far the courtship period is kind of crucial.  Some Orientals are more open-minded, some are not.  I believe that both sides should know each other, especially one another.  For example, a Chinese man must take his white American gir…

Emma Roberts: Simply Fabulous

You can't deny through these photos, Emma Roberts is simply fabulous:

With less makeovers, her beauty is so obvious.  A very heart capturing beauty.

A kiss from her can drive any man wild... Poison Ivy effect.
A stunning headshot.... She's a REAL DOLL!
Even with a hat and shades, her glamor still shines out.

Seriously glamorous.

Just another of those appealing outfits.

She's lovely and talented no doubt... and I like her songs.

A serious look... lovely.

While Some Whites Seek Asian Partners, I Find Myself Seeking a White Partner

It's weird but true.  There are some white men seeking various types of Asian partners while I find myself seeking a white partner.  I don't know why.  However, in a memory rush... I did remember that...

I did run across somebody who was half-Asian, half-Caucasian woman who looked somewhat like Pamela Anderson (not really that hot) before any surgeries were on her body.  It was during my student days and too bad I never had the guts to admit to myself that I am also attracted to white girls aside from lovely Chinese/Japanese girls.  I had no idea she was half-Asian because of her strong Caucasian blood.  Hmmm only I could get closer to her.

Some things I thought about having a Caucasian partner:

Improving the genetic bloodline... maybe.A more free-willed woman who can help me out.Chances of staying in America can be lengthened so doing business can be easier between here and there.

Overrating Things American

It's true that many people choose American stuff not over quality but it's on the overrated side. Here are just some ways:

It's all about the attractiveness of American women. Okay I admit that I tend to find hot American women hotter than hot Oriental women but NOT ALL American women are hotter than Oriental women. In fact, some American women are not attractive at all.

It's all about food. Okay I eat American food but NOT all of it. Not all of them taste good. Some of them taste good because of the fusion cuisines. Many Filipinos for instance overrate all things American they feel to see the deliciousness of their local foods. The same applies to other products too. Not all American products are quality-based- some are good as junk.

It's also about American entertainment. Choosing an American adaptation over the Asian original is usually bias filled like choosing between Super Sentai and Power Rangers. Popularity can be sometimes based on biases you kno…

Emma Roberts with No Make Up

Even without make-up, Emma Roberts is still hot, hot and hot.  Hmmm...

There's Just Something About Hot Caucasian Women over Hot Oriental Women

So I simply have to admit that between a hot Caucasian girl and a hot Chinese or Japanese girl, I would actually have a higher chance of getting more attracted to a hot Caucasian women.
A little bit of comparison shall we?

Here's a comparison between a hot Caucasian woman and a hot Oriental woman.  So I'm using Emma Roberts (white American) and Esther Liu (Chinese) and it's time to see where they differ in their hotness. Caucasian girls have a fairer skin tone over Oriental girls.When the hair is dyed blonde or naturally blonde, it just looks good on them.  Not so with Oriental girls- they look better with black hair.Well you can't deny they're both pretty in their own respects and sexy too.  However it seems that aside from just being finely chiseled, Emma Roberts' western features makes her hotter than Esther Liu. Actually it simply depends.  Case to case basis.  For example, Ayumi Kinoshita (who has Caucasian features) looks better than Monica May.