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Bernadette Saw... Bea Saw-Tan's Younger Sister

Here's a picture of Beatriz Saw-Tan's younger sister, Bernadette Saw.  I think she looks prettier than her now married sister.  She's kinda cute if you ask me. :)

Even as an Adult, I Still Like Tokusatsu SD Stuff!

It kind of disturbs me to think that even as an adult, I would generally like these kinds of stuff...

SD figures of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider...

Kamen Rider candy toys...

Kamen Rider plushies...

Ultraman stuffed toy...

Well that's all folks... Black RX here, signing out!

Emma Roberts in a Lovely Flower Dress at the CDFA Vogue Fashion Fund Event in LA

I found this really attractive picture from the blog "World Actress Photos".  If you ask me, this is one really hot and sexy photo... kinda made me think that I'm entranced by her here.  She's just so adorably sexy here. :P

My Thoughts on Megaman's "Death"

I gave a thought on Capcom's treatment of the Megaman franchise as of late.  I mean, the Megaman franchise is what really helped launch Capcom into popularity aside from games like Street Fighter and Resident Evil.  As a Megaman fan, I feel like the Megaman franchise has suddenly come to a halt as Keiji Inafune is no longer in Capcom.  The upsetting facts were this- Megaman Legends 3 got cancelled, Megaman Universe got cancelled and he wasn't included in Marvel vs. Capcom 3- instead Zero was put in his place which truly can be upsetting.  So I just gave a thought on it.

First- Megaman is not truly dead.  Why?  Capcom can still reproduce the past Megaman games like they did with the Megaman Anniversary Collection, well hopefully there will be a Megaman Legends collection (the PSP has them for download) and the Megaman X series collection.  However the fans are upset over the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 which according to Capcom Europe there was quite not enough fan inter…

Organic Rice

I just thought about it that while I had some few trips such as Bohol in the Philippines, organic rice was being served.

At first it doesn't look very appealing however one will have to consider giving an open mind.  I really thought that not only does it look tasty, it tastes better with its chewy texture than white rice but I never realized the benefits I was receiving in the process of eating organic rice which I cannot find in white rice which are higher fiber, contains much iron as well as other vitamins and antioxidants not find in white rice.  With that in mind it means lesser risks of getting cancer and better detoxification as well.  I usually enjoy eating organic rice with almost any kind of food and I am glad that some Korean and Japanese restaurants are already serving them as kimchee plus organic rice makes a double antioxidant combination needed to flush out all those unnecessary toxic in the body.

Portugese Egg Tarts While in Hong Kong

I remembered with my trip to Hong Kong at least six years ago, I just happened to stumble upon these tasty treats I would seldom get as a gift from cousin in Hong Kong who works in the tourism industry.  It's called the Portugese Egg Tart which has this crunchy on the outside while soft on the inside dough, with its egg tarts cooked in some way that I could not just understand it... delicious, soft egg yolk with the right amount of sweetness.  My preferred way of eating these would be chilled at a low temperature and eaten for dessert after a hearty Chinese food meal.  This is one of those eat it or miss it meals for me as well.

The Awful Days Of That Accursed Typewriter

Ah I could remember the days when I had no PC back in my younger days, when PCs were very expensive and the typewriter was used in making those projects. It was that old device that I was forced to use because buying a PC was a huge burden before. Thankfully, the PC today is now far more accessible making the use of paper much lesser than it used to.

It's been part of that relationship where one mistake meant you had to start all over again compared to that of a PC where you can edit before you print. Roll in the paper and be very careful when you type because that one mistake would mean wasting literally a lot of paper costing more trees to be cut down because the recycling of paper may not fill the gap. What I also disliked about the typewriters is the hard way to adjust the margins and rolling and rolling. Ouch!

The keys were also so hard to punch it was impossible to type as fast and accurate like the use of the modern day PC. Remembering how I used to make typewritten report…

A Young Pamela Anderson on Home Improvement

Here's a video of Pamela Anderson on Home Improvement prior to her surgeries and all that, she's just smoking hot in here.  Perhaps a lot of superficial fan boys watched this segment for her.  Here she features her use of tools... too bad she had to end up with a bad life later.

Fugue in G Minor

Here's my favorite Bach tune called Fuge in G Minor which I first heard while playing Megaman Legends in the battle against its final boss Megaman Juno.  I pretty like how well orchestrated it is, giving the battle feel and all.

The Flower Gundam Arrangement

Here are pictures the flower Gundam which will sadly only be around until October 28... sigh!


Some Failures of Cable TV Operators

As a kid I do remember holding to a cable TV channel that usually failed services.  So here are the reasons why some of them failed:

1.) Not getting quality channels.  If you ask me, if you don't have quality channels, you cannot expect your subscribers to like you.

2.) Charging too high for additional channels.  Although it may mean bigger income but it can also mean this- lesser subscribers and lesser loyalty plus it's only short run.

3.) Not having a spare generator prepared in case of power failure.  Just imagine what if the cable TV station suddenly got hit by a brownout and while the other residents didn't.  The residents will get frustrated over not having cable TV to view as well.

4.) Making promises you don't intend to keep.  Trust is necessary to keep a steady flow of funds so forget about "easy money".

My Fun with Yakiniku

One of my favorite celebrations when yakiniku is involved.  There's the electric grill on the table, the raw meat and the sauce prepared for the celebration.  Rather than waiting for the cooking, you get to do and learn some timing with cooking which you need to get the hang of it.  It may be frustrating a bit but it does get fun once you learn how to cook.

So far my favorite yakiniku would have chicken meat, chicken liver, pork meat, pork liver, prawn, octopus, shrimp and some beef to name a few, accompanied with a healthy serving of green leafy vegetables to eat with.  And my favorite yakiniku has to be the Korean variety with its spicy sauce used.  However I decided to avoid soba and sake with yakiniku parties due to the fact I can get easily drunk.  Instead, I have some cold tea prepared instead of alcoholic beverages so I still get a hang of myself.

Kempee de Leon's My One and Only

Here is Kempee de Leon's interpretation of Saigo no Iiwake which is entitled "My One and Only".  I just find this song to be the best English interpretation aside from "Comeback Home" by Maso.  I really feel emotional whenever I listen to this song...

My One And Only (saigo No Iwake) Lyrics
Keempee De Leon

When you said goodbye, and we were apart,

Why did I go on searching for you?

Your face is all I see.

Your love is everything I need in my heart.

Why can't I let go of the way that I feel

And forget those times we've had?

Are these the rules of love?

There's no escape in what I felt from the start.


Saigo no iwake, my one and only,

All I want is to hold you, but you're not there.

If I wake and find it's only a dream,

I'd gladly take you back into my heart.

(Repeat first and second stanzas)

(Repeat chorus)


(Repeat chorus twice)

Quite Another Happy Ending Vampire/Mortal Woman Love Story

After seeing the "Vampire Effect" for some time, I got interested wit the movie "Vampires Suck" starring Jenn Proske and Matt Lanter.  Well it does have a lot of goofs like vampires surviving daylight or all the comedic scenes.  Of course, I just love the chemistry between Becca (the mortal) and Edward (the vampire) to aside from being a beauty and the beast story (actually Edward is both beauty and beast considering he's a vampire) and how they both earn their "happy ending" where Becca becomes a vampire which was quite different from the Vampire Effect's ending where the vampire chooses to live the humans.

It's that Frog!!!!

Part of my childhood was also revolving around the Keroppi franchise and cartoons.  It was really fun remembering this...

Here's the opening to that classic Keroppi cartoon.  Ah yes... these were my 'escape routes' when I was younger aside from the world of Tokusatsu.  There's that fun opening theme, that cute little frog who invents new things and well, Keroppi was part of coloring my otherwise troubled past.

Fleischer Cartoons- Another Nostalgia

While I enjoyed Silly Symphonies from Disney as a child but I cannot deny that I also liked the Fleischer Cartoons.  Old as they were produced in the 30s, they do however provide some funny entertainment value like the Greedy Humpty Dumpty episode where Humpty Dumpty's own greed destroyed him when he tried to get gold from the sun.  

I Want to Try Japanese Kit Kat

I just had my thoughts that first I drink some cold Matcha green tea (though I'd also like to try it hot) then maybe this tea flavored wafer might click with me...

Here'sa  look at the inside.  Makes me want to try some too.

My Thoughts on Max Weber and Bureaucracy

Max Weber's bureaucratic model endorsed the following:

Fixed division of labor- It is very important to have a division of labor.  People when set into multitasking environments commit higher percentage of error and much less when there is a division of labor.  It's important to know which department is in charge with which and the leader doesn't easily alter this since it's fixed.  Having a fixed task like technical is technical and financial and financial makes things easier.

Hierarchy of offices- Every lower office must have a higher office to watch over it like the employee is watched over by the supervisor, the supervisor is watched over by the manager and the manager is watched over by the vice president.  The president of an organization is just one person and it is very important to delegate authority and tasks to make sure rules are being followed, at the same time higher authorities and lower authorities should listen and discern each other's advice.