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The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Well there was the Super Mario Bros. Super Show which I remembered watching as a child back when the NES was still popular, too bad I didn't have a Super Nintendo back then or is it good?  Anyway this was one of the shows I thought was pretty popular.  It follows loosely from the computer games but it is a way better trip than that damn awful Super Mario movie (avert thine eyes from it).  

Well it's not your trip to Mushroom Land all the time but it features King Bowser (called King Koopa here) with Super Mario Bros. 2 villains namely Mouser, Triclide the three headed snake, Birdos, Shy Guys and some of the standard villains like Koopa troopers and Goombas in their quest to take over various realities.  Which King Koopa here becomes various story book characters and the Super Mario Bros. must stop him from rewriting history with the Princess Peach and Toad while of course, King Koopa does still have his on/off crush on the Princess Peach.  In short, it was really a combinatio…

Satirical News: American Ex-Pat in Tondo, Blob Blabbersky Gets Rude Awakening!

Blob Blabbersky who previously moved from the United States to the Philippines in search for "freedom" and "married" Mediokra Tamad in an informal ceremony without passing Philippine by-laws, gets a rude awakening as paradise was not paradise as he thought.  While originally appearing to be very plump and very heavy, he was last seen losing weight and unfortunately his skin did not shrink together with his weight leaving him with a lot of excess skin as a result of eating pagpag instead of healthy non-fatty foods.  Also, Tondo as a squatter zone had become so out of order and full of laziness that their paradise was not paradise after all.  The situation of Tondo deteriorated eventually into a real rathole close to being a Somalia within the Philippines.
From what was last seen the last time, due to Tondo's rejection of progress from both Filipinos and foreigners alike, the whole place began to fall apart so fast.  Blob's poor leadership of letting people d…

Why Anti-USA-ism is Bad for the Philippines!

I know it's been some time since George W. Bush Jr. foolishly attacked Iraq or that there are really a lot of bad Americans (called Muricans) but hating any country and declaring war agaisnt it is not the solution.  Not especially the Philippines which is more likely going to lose if it engages China in an all out war.

For the Pinoy pridist, apparently he or she hates invasion but actually believes that the Philippines has the right to invade every nation via OFWs.  Perhaps they are think, "We Pelepenos are da superyor race in da world nating can beat us!" mentality.  Which I thought that especially with Obama coming and also during the Bush administration (but I'll admit Bush was a really bad administrator), you can see those annoying leftist like the picture above who demand America out.  It's been the same problem whether it was Sherap as President, Gloria as President and currently Nobita as president.  That kind of mentality is no wonder why the Philippine…

Support Quality Filipino Products and Services ONLY!

The stupid nationalist have their slogan to only support their "sariling atin" or "their own" even if it's bad.  Toady Casino and his cohorts of Bobo Muna (or Bayad Muna), Anak Payaso, Migraine International, Akbobo, Anak by Bobo, etc. are really stuck with their Tokugawa-like thinking or their Maoist thinking of that the Philippines is better off closed from the rest of the world.  And then they think they can endorse their mediocre products abroad?  Oh boy, them Pinoy pridists have a lot of rude awakening there!  And now here's the buy Filipino that should be endorsed as part of a give and take trade of export and import!

Cebu is also known for its dried mangoes and other delicacies.  Foreigners love the Cebuano quality system of dried mangoes which many of them are made by Filipino-Chinese families (Pinoy pride butthurt there).  

Bongbong's (no not Bongbong Macoy) delicacies in Bacolod is quality Filipino food products.  Filipinos should patronize g…

The Philippines Needs More Judges Like Marilyn Milian

Sorry Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. supporters although I do agree that admonition was the best punishment for him BUT Miriam Defensor Santiago though she went overboard, was right in actually scolding the prosecutors who were turning Renato Corona's trial into a huge circus because, that one was utterly and I mean UTTERLY stupid from start to end.  And look at how Judge Marilyn Milian deals with an arrogant law student (actually worse than Aguirre, much worse) in this video. Sadly many Pinoys just can't accept it that they are wrong and you can see that from the common work place to people in power... and fierce tigers are very much needed!  And if you think she is being unreasonable, notice ALL the discourtesy the student did that made the judge go angry!

Satirical News: Anti-Cybercrime Libel Provision Backfires Rather Badly on President Nobita's Face!

The anti-cybercrime law was already declared constitutional which according to its unrevised provision, the government has the right to monitor the activities of all Filipinos and people within the State for 24/7.  Unfortunately the new law with its libel provision that may imprison a person for cybercrime for simply making a meme or ridicule of a political figure backfired pretty badly.  Which in turn, President Nobita realizes that implementing the cybercrime law was a backfire to his stupidity, since instead of preventing him from getting any ridicule about him caused people to poke more fun at him instead.

What happened was that a lot of memes against Nobita were made, a total of 1,000,000 memes were made causing a Nobita craze which all explained just how stupid he was in implementing the libel clause of the cybercrime law and daring people to break it.  Yahoo wrote trending now of "Nobita Aquino stupid" has over 1,000,000,000 hits worldwide and the fact that Nobita wa…

Getting Real: Why Pinoy Pride Mentality is Just as Bad as Colonial Mentality!

In an export and import relationship, one must indeed agree to give and take, not just give and give or take and take.  Unfortunately fools and idiots like that clown in Congress, Toady Casino or other "nationalistas" in the Philippines are embracing the extreme opposite of colonial mentality called Pinoy Pride Mentality to which is the mentality that "Penoys are da best, others race suck!"  So yeah, I did misspell it on purpose in order to address the Carabao English of many Pinoys who refuse to be awakened and that, it's a very self-serving relation.

The whole issue of Pinoy pride can be under the cloak of "protectionism" while the oligarchs rule the Philippines.  While the Philippines is certainly no rathole like most of the third world South American countries or maybe I can name countries like North Korea, but with the oligarchs having so much power and the distance of rich and poor is too wide, you can expect the Philippines to be soon a real r…

Satirical News: Angry American Ex-Pat in Phiippines Reacts to Thesis on Nobitacracy

The paper on Nobitacracy has launched controversy and it reached Tondo, Manila and was angry about the whole thesis.  Blob Blabbersky who had turned Tondo in Manila as his turf for "freedom zone" for his squatters, he vowed to protect their freedom.  So far no word has it that Damulag would attack Tondo.  One might consider that Blob Blabbersky during his interview of why he left the United States of America said that he wanted a more free country and now he stated he could lose his beloved freedom in Tondo.

"Really what's wrong with that girl?  How dare she write a paper against what's wrong with our government? Does she seek to destroy the freedom that we so enjoy?  I mean why consider it a crime to poo and pee anywhere, to just throw garbage anywhere?  That's what makes Singapore everybody's favorite tyranny.  But we here in Tondo are living the life of a free man.  I am their chieftain and I must protect their freedom.  That paper on Nobitacracy is…

Mayor Erap Estrada Probably Has More Brains Than President Nobita?!

I know it's been some time ever since Joseph Ejercito Estrada otherwise known as Erap or "Sherap" in the jokes has been a subject of ridicule.  But in due fairness despite him being called "utak lugaw" or he is the subject of jokes even after he resigned from presidency, I can commend him for one thing- APOLOGIZING to Hong Kong, one thing that President Nobita should have done!  Good news indeed was that Hong Kong had formally accepted Erap's apology ending the tensions between Philippines and Hong Kong!  Well all I can say is I commend him for what he did!  I hope this move can prove even idiots can improve if they work hard to self-improvement.

Satirical News: Harvard Graduate Marianne Chen Hessler Gets Awarded as "Most Outstanding Filipino Researcher" for Thesis on Nobitacracy in Singapore, Provokes Pinoy Pridists Everywhere!

Marianne Chen Hessler (my completely fictitious character who looks like Kimberly in MMPR) an outstanding Filipino who graduated in Harvard University and published her thesis on Nobitacracy was given an ASEAN Award at Singapore where she acknowledged herself as Filipino but not a Pinoy.  This talented young woman from the Philippines, currently 27 years old and yet to take her board exam in the Philippines to become a lawyer, however was awarded while she said she was studying her board exam, she decided to show up anyway after many toiling hours to finish her course.  She was an accounting graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University the same school that President Nobita came from.  She returned to her hometown of Cebu to where her family owns a quality native Filipino food business.

While in Singapore, other outstanding Filipinos were awarded and not just her but she stood out.  Filipino-Chinese anthropologist Sean Mercado got his award on his book called "The Downfall of Pi…

Satirical News: Thesis on Nobitacracy from Harvard University Causes President Nobita to React Rather Badly!

A research work called "The Downside of Nobitacracy: A Closer Look at President Nobita's Administration" written by law student named Marianne Hessler, a Filipino law student who graduated in Harvard.  The thesis was just recently published and was sent to Philippine soil as a book which now is available in soft bind for the Filipino readers.  The book became sold like hotcakes and unfortunately President Nobita could not take it at all as it became a controversial material that revealed just how stupid he really is!

The controversial paper itself had featured a research on the following contents that the ASEAN said must be read by every Filipino:
Philippines before and after Nobitacracy.  It also featured how the 1987 Constitution did not help the Philippines recover from the Macoy tyranny at all.  Although it highlighted human rights violation during the Ferdinand E. Macoy Sr. administration, it shows how much of a failure things were after that and no different.  Why…

Satirical News: Toady Casino Propose New Strategy to Fight Chinese with Bangkas, Bolos and Spears!

As if Toady Casino cannot get any dumber, he has now proposed for the Pinoy army to fight with spears and bangkas against the intensified Chinese arm where Damulag is guarding the Spratlys.  Damulag and the Chinese forces are trying to ward off Pinoys from ever going near Spratlys.  Rather than intensify Filipino army equipment, he chose to downgrade it with his proposal to use indigenous warfare to fight the Chinese army led by Damulag.

Toady Casino and the Bobo Muna brought in some bangkas and spears, training young people to fight the Chinese army with mediocre training.  The Pinoy training system uses Pinoy tardy time training.  One might laugh at just how the Pinoy army that Toady Casino says will defeat China is doing with their rather slapdash training which encourages them to being late for work and exiting early for it as sign of Pinoy nationalism.  The training involved using mediocre made bolos and spears.  Their bangkas are said not to even reach the fisherman's stand…

Satirical News: Migraine International Plans to Produce Film "The Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa Story"

In the light of new events, Migraine International decided to help "raise awareness" of the Pinoy pride by now planning to create a movie called "The Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa Story" to which they plan to tell the world how oppressed Pinoys are.  The first leftist movie known as the Plor Kontemplasyon movie raised a lot of awareness and now they decided to further their cause by making another movie in honor of the three executed drug mules.  They also rallied to convince the Congress and the Senate to strengthen the bill to make Plor Kontemplasyon the new national hero as well as declaring March 30 a holiday for the executed three drug mules.

One member of Migraine International namely Odiar Laho said, "We cannot stand this anymore with Chinese oppressing and killing Pinoys out of jealousy that we Pinoys are the number one race.  Nobody must forget they tortured Plor for three years before they killed her!  It was an unfair tria…

Satirical News: President Nobita Performs "Penitensya" on Good Friday, Becomes Laughing Stock Worldwide!

Yes folks he did it!  He performed the penitensya.

After declaring propeller caps as the alternative form of transportation, President Nobita was yet scathed by so many critics he decides to "appease them" by his latest stupid decision - to perform the "penitensya" by crucifying himself in public.  On Good Friday noon, everyone was invited to witness Nobita's self-crucifixion and get free ampaw and soft drinks.  Medical experts and others were there to make sure that the President doesn't injure himself.  Carpenters were hired to perform Nobita's "penitensya" which amazingly he felt no pain as it was carried out.  ABias-CBN, GMA and other networks were there to record the event.  International networks such as CNN and BBC were also there to record the event.

Ampaw was served to everyone who listened to Nobita's "seven statements" which were namely 1.) the benefits of 60/40 ownership, 2.) why Philippines should not apologize to C…

My Wish to Marry My Friend Who Looks like Pamela Anderson?

After giving some thought, I was already thinking of marrying that Pamela Anderson lookalike.  I would say this sounds reckless but I am thinking of marrying her for my wife.  So far, I can say there's some familiarity as her mom is some friend of my mom, she's a sweet girl and all and we have a lot of objects of interest together.  It's been something to know she's a pretty decent person despite her being so hot.  We are two years in gap, she's younger than I am by two years so it's pretty close.  The past must go, I must move on and I believe I can move on with my friend who looks like her and she is practically my dream girl.

My plans involving her is a short-term relationship, get to know each other better then marry her as soon as possible so it'll be easier to have babies.  Even if she's half-Chinese, there's a possibility that our children who will most likely be 31% Swiss, there's a high chance they will most likely look like her.  Afte…

Satirical News: Pacquiao vs. Henares Match Tickets Has Over 1,000,000,000 Tickets Sold!

Kill Henares from the Bureau of Internal Robbery had said that Pacquiao lacks PHP 2.65 billion in taxes.  So what's it really the big deal?  The tax system of the Philippines has been know for being corrupt and stupid at the same time.  The whole issue of the Bureau of Internal Robbery (formerly known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue) has had its issues with money under the table, tax neglect and taxing people inappropriately while not arresting the real tax deficit people like businessman Cynic Lee.  The boxing match will happen inside the Araneta Coliseum.  Kill Henares was last seen practicing her moves in the hopes of beating Manny Pacquaio, to get a lot of money from him to continue her support for the ampaw government currently ran by President Nobita who will sponsor this fight match.

Last time it was known that Kill Henares tried to tax people with Filipino blood (which she calls as "Pinoy blood") telling them that are obliged to pay taxes to the Philippines ev…

Satirical News: President Nobita Proposes Propeller Caps as Alternative Solution to MRT Problems

President Nobita greeting people flying with a propeller cap...

As if President Nobita cannot get any more demented can he?  Though it is still at its test state, President Nobita now free from St. Luke's as his injuries were not all bad nor life threatening, he decided to fly around Metro Manila wearing a propeller cap which despite its size, can carry a person around.  Specific sizes are available and Nobita went flying around, greeting the people of the Philippines saying he is still president until 2016.  Nobitards shouted that they want one more term for President Nobita as he provided propeller caps for everyone.

"With these propeller caps, nobody has to worry about traffic.  Just wear them on and fly to your workplace!" said President Nobita.  Him and other members of the cabinet decided to fly around wearing the propeller caps to demonstrate how to use them.  Members of the cabinet including Presidential Adviser Doraemon went all flying wearing the propeller caps…

Satirical News: Toady Casino Proposes "Pinoy Pride Product Protection Bill"

Toady Casino after recovering from some bruises done by Damulag, had declared the Pinoy Pride Product Protection Bill which not only advocates a 99% ownership to the Philippines and only 1% owned by the foreign company but also to protect the supposed Pinoy manufacturers.  After the act done by Damulag, rather than learn his lesson, Toady Casino decides to provoke China even further by not only insisting on passing the Anti-Chinese Bill but also, the Pinoy Pride Product Protection Bill.

The bill has the following provisions that Toady Casino wishes to implement while he was still recovering at St. Luke's Medical Center where he was transferred to after the Chinese-owned hospital rejected him:
Pungko pungko and dirty carenderias will have the right to get a sanitary permit even if they are dirty for the sake of protection.  They will be part of the itinerary of the tourists and tourists must eat there or else.Nobody is allowed to criticize the poor quality of any local product.  If…

What's Wrong with Patronizing "Pinoy Pride Products"?

There are good Filipino products and there are bad ones too which I will proudly label as "Pinoy pride products" to which those pseudo-nationalists like the Bobo Muna, Migraine International, Anak ng Bobo and other groups.  So what's really the issue?  While it's good to buy local products to help the economy BUT one must realize that Filipinos cannot patronize their local garbage and the so-called "protectionism" cannot go any longer.  
While some Filipino products are export-worthy, worth patronizing but just like the truth that not all imported products are good, the same can apply to Filipino products.  I mean, you can look at the rotten fish in the market, unsafe drinks at the streets, pungko-pungko eateries and the like are everywhere.  These are Filipino products but of BAAAAD quality.  You can get germs for that.  Get germs for the sake of "nationalism"?  Really get real Pinoy pridists!  It's best to call it Pinoy pride products becaus…

Assessing the Nobitacratic Government's Failure to Uphold Democracy

One might consider why the Philippines has become a Nobitacracy instead of a democracy.  Some people even want Nobita to serve a second term but one has to admit, Nobita's overly lenient administration had just given birth to these problems:
Pleading for guilty Filipinos who should have been punished long ago.Uncontrolled useless bills passed by the Congress.  So much paper to throw away!Allowing CORRUPT government officials and law enforcers to stay in power or at least, get a lesser sentence that could free them.  One might consider why Sherap Ejercito was even allowed to run, why there are stupid political activists in power like Toady Casino and you could also think about why in the world is Bongbong Macoy in the Senate?!  Guerillo Honasan and Juan Ponce Enriche should have been locked up years ago!The Pinoy National Police isn't improving a bit.  You can think of it that the Rolando Murderza incident proved how incompetent Pinoy cops are.  Hostage taking can happen anywhe…

Satirical News: Toady Casino Passes Bill to Approve Plor Kontemplasyon as National Hero!

After Toady Casino was dismissed from St. Luke's Medical Center after he was beaten by Damulag, he had decided to take revenge on China.  He wants to make sure that his bills namely the Anti-Chinese Bill, the Anti-American Bill, the Anti-Japanese Bill will be approved, he now writes yet another stupid bill known as the "Plor Kontemplasyon Bill" to replace Jose Rizal as national hero to spark a new "spirit of nationalism" after the arrests of Rolando Morona in Singapore together with other Pinoy pridists as well as the arrest of the Pinoy pridists in Xiamen and Shenzen.  Toady who is still in the hospital because of some broken limbs vows to take revenge on Damulag by writing the Plor Kontemplasyon Bill.

"I will have my revenge on those singkits for sending Damulag to beat us!  First, they want us to apologize for the heroism of Rolando Murderza who should have been reinstanted because of his heroism.  Second, they want us Filipinos to give them 100% owners…

What's Wrong with the Pinoy Crab Mentality?

Another good reason why the Philippines hardly progresses is because of crab mentality.  So much for the statement of the Philippines being united and for the "magkakaisa" or "unity" slogans huh?  One might observe how diverse the Philippines is... like you can have it that most of the Visayas is better than the rest of the Philippines and Cebu is the business capital of the Philippines.

Crab mentality can be observed in the basket of crabs case.  As a person who ate crabs in the past but not a huge fan of it, I remembered my late paternal grandmother ordered a lot.  As a child, I observed when one crab tries to get out of the basket, the others would drag saying, "If you're not happy, nobody deserves to be happy." and they don't want to see others to progress.  In the end, no crab gets out of the container and they all become dinner.

Sad to say but that is one trait that gets the Philippines to go nowhere and it is a destroyer of progress in ge…

My Overall Impression of Tekken Tag Tournament 2

So yeah I bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at discount since I'm pretty much a budget buyer.  Now for the game review.

Now to talk about an introduction of the game, it pretty much is an upgraded version of Tekken Tag Tournament from the PS1 with much better graphics, sound while I do hate having to download characters.  Grrrr.  I was thinking of that I'm glad this game doesn't require you to play through the freaking Scenario Campaign to get the endings.  Tekken 6 was a fun game but that feature made it bad imo.  For this one, I can't blame the producers at Namco for removing Story Mode, Tekken Tag series don't fit the canon at all. And I'm glad you didn't have to play online to get the Fighter Status upgrade.

The character roster itself is almost having all that I want except I wish Devil and Kazuya were separate characters (but it was cool to have Kazuya transform into Devil but that move leaves you so vulnerable).  I was also thinking I'm glad that a…

Pinoy Pride and Bad Work Ethics!

If the Philippines expects to improve, it must get rid of bad ethics never mind how "un-Filipino" it is.  One might consider the sad state of Pinoy workers here and abroad with these issues to think about that would actually reveal that Pinoys aren't oppressed, they are the ones who are causing problems to the Philippines.

Here are some issues you might find that is going on with Pinoy work ethics:

When the cat is away, the mouse will play.  Such people may bootlick the boss but spit at the supervisor's face.  Or worse, don't even treat the boss with respect once they get the job.  It's a very common Pinoy practice to do work properly only when being supervised.  In short, bootlicking!

Lack of sense of decency.  You could think about how many of them prefer to change their clothes in the open even when the boss provided them with changing quarters.  You can also talk about pooing and peeing everywhere and being boisterous.

The cover-up culture.  Sorry if I ha…

The Yellow Democracy: Why It's NOT Working!

Forget people "kili kili" power at EDSA, the whole 1987 Constitution is really nothing more than a democracy gone wrong and unfortunately, President Nobita is a very good example of that.  You might as well call it democrazy or dumbocracy because that's really how President Nobita runs the Philippines or two, a dumbocrazy is just as bad as a dictatorship for the economy.  President Nobita's ideology ahem idiotology is really, really not doing anything better than the corrupt administration of Gloria Macacapal Abobo either.  Why did he get rid of a good cruise ship in exchange for a bad one?  It's simple, Nobita's brain is so tiny and this is what I'd rather call a Nobitacracy!

Ousting a dictator never works unless the one who takes over makes a change and unfortunately, the 1987 constitution of the late Cory, Nobita's mother has also created a very stupid economy that continues to defend EVEN the Macoy cronies like Juan Ponce Enriche and Gago Hopeles…

Satirical News: Presidential Adviser Doraemon Brings Toku Heroes to Beat Sense into President Nobita's Head!

President Nobita is still at St. Luke's Hospital was crying over the fact that Damulag from China beat him hard.  Presidential Adviser Doraemon had enough of President Nobita's stupidity and decided to regather some Toku heroes namely the Gorangers, the JAKQ team, the Biomen, the Maskmen, the Jetmen, the Fivemen, Shaider, Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Hibiki and Kamen Rider Blade to "visit" President Nobita into beating some sense into him.

So far, what was argued between President Nobita and Presidential Adviser Doraemon are the following:
Nobita still refuses to repeal the 60/40 policy for foreigners and the Philippines saying that a 100% ownership of their firms means he'll have to sell lands to foreigners.Nobita also refuses to apologize to China for the damage done by the Pinoy National Police in their neglect which killed some Chinese tourists hence the reason why Damulag beat him up.Nobita's mediocre policy which r…

Satirical News: Migraine International Demands Foreign Nations to Respect Pinoy Pride

Members of Migraine International after failing to rescue their comrades who are currently locked up in Singapore and in China along with Bobo Muna, Anak ang Bobo and Akbobo members who wanted to avenge the deaths of Plor Kontemplasyon and later Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa now protest, "PLEASE RESPECT PINOY IDENTITY!"  This was done right after Damulag had beaten up President Nobita for refusing to apologize to China's government for the mishandling of the Pinoy National Police of the Rolando Murderza incident.

In the rally, bereaved relatives of Rolando Morona and his late brother Rolbobo Morona have all decided to protest some more.  They protested by giving Rolbobo Morona a hero's funeral, calling him a savior of the Pinoy race from "Chinese oppression" which they said that Bitayin, Non-Credo and Violationa were victims of it despite the crystal clear evidence that they were guilty of drug dealing.  However the members of Migr…

Tekken Tag 2 Update on Gameplay

So while I'm trying to finish my task and getting a head start to do my necessary project, I did play Tekken Tag 2 over the weekends only.  So far I've finished the game with almost everyone though I do have to play as Alisa, Jaycee, Ganryu, Panda, Serges Dragonov, Zafina, Baek Do San, Christy and Feng to get all the regular character endings. I am yet to download anything.

Now for Unknown.  I would say Unknown has been beefed up ahem bitched up.  I thought her most irritating move are when she uses all those slimy ground moves which really cause MASSIVE damage.  So Unknown is Jun non-canonwise.  And I thought that after you defeat her, we see a special cinema where the wolf spirit forsakes the host body which was also like in Tekken 5, we see Jinpachi turn into dust when defeated in a short cinema save a few characters.  Her being bitched up can be a source of frustration and challenge at the same time.

The Philippines and Mediocre to Bad Health Standards

One might consider how some Pinoy pridists claim that the Philippines is "number one" in hygiene just because they are pioneers in getting circumcision.  However, what is often ignored is that the Philippines has very poor health standards which can be noticed by the following...

One may look at how garbage is so much a problem in the Philippines especially in Luzon specifically in Manila or areas near Manila.  A lot of garbage creates the smoky mountain and destroyed the Pasig River to the point it ruined potential investments.  This is because Pinoys can't follow even simple guidelines.  They throw their trash just anywhere, they just poo and pee anywhere and they don't really care about cleanliness.

Poor toilet standards.  People just poo and pee and don't flush?  Worse the janitors just don't flush them?  Or what?  And I was thinking that establishments have a problem with not even cleaning their CRs!  Don't they realize how much germs can be spread b…

Satirical News: China Sends New Agent Codenamed "Chun Li" to Beat Up Nobita's Sister Krisis Before She Can Run for President!

Well it was confirmed that new Chinese agent known as Chun Li (not to be confused with the fictional Street Fighter character) actually was one of the people involved in Spratlys.  After Damulag had beaten up President Nobita, VP Jejemon Beanay, Unggoy Ejercito, Juan Ponce Enriche, Tito Stupid, Bongbong Bastos, Ramon Reviler Jr. and Toady Casino, it was time to beat up Krisis Aquino and her supporters both men and women alike.  Chun Li is only 26 years old but she can kick ass really hard and it was proven when Krisis' bodyguards were beaten up in less than a second.

What was last known was that Krisis was last seen with her praning attitude, getting mad and trying to promote more protectionism for the Philippines.  Worse, Krisis is running for president despite having ZERO experience in politics.  But for Pinoys it does not matter anyway- after all popularity wins.  Knowing how much trouble Nobita caused China by asking for pardon of the culprits who caused the March 30 incident…

Remembering Them Family Computer Multicarts!

So yeah as a kid, I did remember these Family Computer multicards long before I had a Playstation 1 and later Playstation 2.  Not that I loathe all NES games as I do still play the classic Megaman games on my Playstation 2 on the Megaman Anniversary Collection.  I will admit here's one game that was pretty weird and full of hacks... and I wonder how did they fit ALL that in a single cartridge?

The Super 190 in 1 which usually contains more hacks and erroneously labeled games.  And of course you can expect something weird like the naming of Kinnikuman to Wrestling II (stupid pirates) to which was a pretty stupid game.  However the popularity of the Anime allowed another video game version of the Anime to be used.  Another one was naming that annoying game Super Dino Riki into Superman and three hacks of it were available!

Others I could remember also included an inferior version of the Aladdin game that tends to hang a lot, or another was I could name the infamous Mortal Kombat NE…

My Uncontrollable Teenage Fling

I would admit that I was in denial and well, denial over that hot girl back as a teenager.  So okay I didn't like her at first because of some attitude issues but I soon got drawn to her attractive visage, which became a lustful issue.  Which I was pretty much antagonistic towards her at the start but it just slowly became an attraction of sorts.  So how do I describe it?  It was an awkward attraction overall which really had me running from her and pursuing her?  Awkward isn't it?

Of course, I could say she was a bad girl in a way despite her being hot though I've met hotter ones later who have a better inner (which matters a lot).  In what way was she a bad girl?  She had asked me several provocative questions that stain my mind and talked to me suggestive things between me and her when we were in private.  I did remember the time she seldom asked me to touch her hand or arm for the sake of it.  And when I did, it was really temptation, temptation and it was really revo…

Passing the Crown of "Hotter than Any Super Sentai and Power Rangers Girl" from Kimberly to Mako

Well here's just me and coronation time... hehe!  Now just my time to write another random entry for fun!

Well everybody realizes how much I was hooked with Kimberly Hart (by now) to which I really admit I admit she's hotter than any other Power Rangers or Super Sentai girl.  So okay it doesn't mean I didn't find other girls hot, I found a lot of them hot including Mei but in my point of view, I thought Kimberly really exceeded them all.  In fact not even Nanami, Ranru, Jasmine or Sakura ever matched her imo.  Some find Kat prettier but me, I prefer Kimberly over them all.  Probably I'm just biased or maybe not, but Kimberly has a fanboy base.  I do respect those who disagree with me though like Mr. Smith or any Reiko Chiba fan (as long as they aren't Sentai fantards).  Amy Jo Johnson the actress was really pretty though some may disagree but that's okay.

It was long until 2009 I passed the crown to Mako Shiraishi.  For one, we do know heroes in the 90s are…

Satirical News: China Feeds Edible Jellyfish as "Daily Food" For the Pinoy Pridists Responsible for the "Violationa/Non-Credo/Bitayin Day" Incident

China just had a problem of "too much jellyfish" in its water especially giant ones.  After harvesting excess jellyfish, it was quite fortunate that most of them were edible and only a few were non-edible which were turned into fertilizer.  However due to jellyfish fatigue even by tourists and the Chinese people, China came up with the solution to punish the Pinoy pridists.  Since the Pinoy pridists would rather eat pagpag or food from the trash can than regular Chinese prison food, the chefs decided to turn the jellyfish into food for the Pinoy pridists who said, "We shall not have a single bit of non-Pinoy food in our mouths." despite the fact they actually had eaten KFC and Jollibee way back in the Philippines.

After which, Chinese authorities began to proceed to slice down the edible jellyfish into "prison food" dried up and served salted and with common vinegar to the prisoners.  The impact was better than expected.  The Pinoy pridists who were imp…

The Incompetence of the Philippines Makes It Susceptible to Bullying By Powerful Nations!

Well if you all remember Nobita as children, he was usually targeted by Damulag (Takeshi in the original) because he was always incompetent.  Sadly, the Philippines is headed by its own President Noynoy who is better called as President Nobita for his kind of ampaw performance while he's no dictator like Gaddafi or Saddam, but still a stupid leader is just as bad as a tyrant for a nation.  And Damulag could be a picture of China or any major power that could easily bully the Philippines.  Here are some reasons why the Philippines is very susceptible to bullying:

The Little Miss Late culture has been a very easy ground for being destroyed.  After all, remember how the Pinoy National Police handled the whole Rolando Murderza incident?  Outside that, Pinoys are very habitually late which causes frustration to just anybody in the country.

Poor law enforcement.  Peace and order in the Philippines is really that bad overall except for a few places.  Should China invade it, it wouldn…