Satirical News: Toady Casino Proposes "Pinoy Pride Product Protection Bill"

Toady Casino after recovering from some bruises done by Damulag, had declared the Pinoy Pride Product Protection Bill which not only advocates a 99% ownership to the Philippines and only 1% owned by the foreign company but also to protect the supposed Pinoy manufacturers.  After the act done by Damulag, rather than learn his lesson, Toady Casino decides to provoke China even further by not only insisting on passing the Anti-Chinese Bill but also, the Pinoy Pride Product Protection Bill.

The bill has the following provisions that Toady Casino wishes to implement while he was still recovering at St. Luke's Medical Center where he was transferred to after the Chinese-owned hospital rejected him:
  • Pungko pungko and dirty carenderias will have the right to get a sanitary permit even if they are dirty for the sake of protection.  They will be part of the itinerary of the tourists and tourists must eat there or else.
  • Nobody is allowed to criticize the poor quality of any local product.  If a person does, he or she will be declared guilty of treason and non-nationalism.
  • Native Filipino products must be manufactured only by locally produced equipment even if they are of poor quality to preserve their "purity".
  • Tourists must buy Pinoy products or they will not be allowed to leave.
  • Non-Pinoys will have no more rights to produce native products to avoid getting rid of the purity of the Pinoy influence in them.
  • Pinoy entertainment no matter how bad a critic thinks it is must always be praised as good.  This will also be enforced in the anti-cybercrime law.

Toady Casino said, "Why should foreigners compete with the pureness of the Pinoy race and culture?  That's why I wrote the bill.  In no time if all my bills will be implemented, we will see a better Philippines."

However economic forums have already begun to make fun of Toady Casino's proposals.  Just lately, comedian Jay Leno began to talk about Toady Casino's bills as absurd.  Toady Casino then threatened to sue Jay Leno for making fun of him for the sake of "Pinoy Pride".