Pinoy Pride and Bad Work Ethics!

If the Philippines expects to improve, it must get rid of bad ethics never mind how "un-Filipino" it is.  One might consider the sad state of Pinoy workers here and abroad with these issues to think about that would actually reveal that Pinoys aren't oppressed, they are the ones who are causing problems to the Philippines.

Here are some issues you might find that is going on with Pinoy work ethics:

When the cat is away, the mouse will play.  Such people may bootlick the boss but spit at the supervisor's face.  Or worse, don't even treat the boss with respect once they get the job.  It's a very common Pinoy practice to do work properly only when being supervised.  In short, bootlicking!

Lack of sense of decency.  You could think about how many of them prefer to change their clothes in the open even when the boss provided them with changing quarters.  You can also talk about pooing and peeing everywhere and being boisterous.

The cover-up culture.  Sorry if I have to use this Migraine International picture but I can't resist.  I mean, they tend to cover up the faults of others thinking it's heroic when it isn't.

Being habitually late and going out early.  This is one of the biggest reasons why Pinoy workers tend to get rightfully dismissed from their workplaces!  This is a plain trait of being lazy and habitually late.  They think it's okay never mind the hassle it causes.  Well good luck abroad, you can get fired for that!

Borrowing money from either the boss or fellow employees and never paying back.  This is another major source of quarrels.  Then later they may be forced to become OFWs in order to pay back their heavy loans.

Working to raise a lazy relative.  As said, give a person bread he will only have meal for a day.  Give a person work and teach him how to make bread, he will have a meal for a lifetime even if he will not be rich.  Some people become OFWs in order to be pioneers of this.

The victim card mentality sums it up.  You catch them doing something wrong then you discipline them, they will say they are oppressed.  They can't tell the difference between disciplinary action from an authoritative boss from abusive actions from an abusive employer.