Satirical News: Toady Casino Propose New Strategy to Fight Chinese with Bangkas, Bolos and Spears!

As if Toady Casino cannot get any dumber, he has now proposed for the Pinoy army to fight with spears and bangkas against the intensified Chinese arm where Damulag is guarding the Spratlys.  Damulag and the Chinese forces are trying to ward off Pinoys from ever going near Spratlys.  Rather than intensify Filipino army equipment, he chose to downgrade it with his proposal to use indigenous warfare to fight the Chinese army led by Damulag.

Toady Casino and the Bobo Muna brought in some bangkas and spears, training young people to fight the Chinese army with mediocre training.  The Pinoy training system uses Pinoy tardy time training.  One might laugh at just how the Pinoy army that Toady Casino says will defeat China is doing with their rather slapdash training which encourages them to being late for work and exiting early for it as sign of Pinoy nationalism.  The training involved using mediocre made bolos and spears.  Their bangkas are said not to even reach the fisherman's standard because of their poor work habits.  Many of the trainees usually arrive drunk, are caught chain smoking and doing other stuff to make them "Proud to be Pinoy".

"We will certainly defeat the bully called Damulag, the one that beat me and sent me to a Chinese hospital.  We do not need American help!  This new Bobo Muna Pinoy Pride Army will defeat the bullies at Spratlys because we Pinoys are the greatest race in the world!" said Toady Casino in an interview about the whole Bobo Muna's plan to give the Philippine military its Pinoy pride.

However back at Spratlys, one can see Damulag training his troops in all forms of kung fu, ready to beat up the Pinoy Pridists.  Damulag in an interview in CNN said, "Our Chinese forces are well equipped!  If that ampaw of a president called Nobita thinks his self-crucifixion will appease us, that's where he is wrong.  But first I dare Toady Casino to attack us here at Spratlys!"