Satirical News: American Ex-Pat in Tondo, Blob Blabbersky Gets Rude Awakening!

Blob Blabbersky who previously moved from the United States to the Philippines in search for "freedom" and "married" Mediokra Tamad in an informal ceremony without passing Philippine by-laws, gets a rude awakening as paradise was not paradise as he thought.  While originally appearing to be very plump and very heavy, he was last seen losing weight and unfortunately his skin did not shrink together with his weight leaving him with a lot of excess skin as a result of eating pagpag instead of healthy non-fatty foods.  Also, Tondo as a squatter zone had become so out of order and full of laziness that their paradise was not paradise after all.  The situation of Tondo deteriorated eventually into a real rathole close to being a Somalia within the Philippines.

From what was last seen the last time, due to Tondo's rejection of progress from both Filipinos and foreigners alike, the whole place began to fall apart so fast.  Blob's poor leadership of letting people do what they want had resulted to a more sickly place.  People easily got sick, others lost their homes, others died from malnutrition, and because all their stolen electricity and water was cut off, the place became a literal rathole plagued with darkness during the night.  Without decent businesses to run the place and without employment, proper sanitation and the basic needs, Lawless Tondo collapsed literally and the Blob can be seen to be in a very sickly state too.

Hungry, Blob moved to a nearby restaurant's garbage can to eat something but was soon apprehended by other authorities in Manila.  He called the Filipino chef Juan Masipag as a "non-nationalista" to his fellow Filipino but he was told that Tondo was a huge problem.  Later the Blob was shown trying to salvage pagpag from other restaurants and attempted to steal electricity again, only to see his "people" being attacked by more competent policemen.  He tried to assault the cops but he was soon caught as his being immovable was already gone thanks to him eating too much pagpag.  Tondo started to lose its muscle power as the Blob no longer as heavy and powerful as he used to be.  The police easily got him, his live-in partner Mediokra Tamad and some of his cohorts who were caught.  Verdict on Lawless Tondo's leader and his live-in partner Medioktra Tamad is yet to be passed by the authorities where they hope President Nobita will grant them pardon.