Support Quality Filipino Products and Services ONLY!

The stupid nationalist have their slogan to only support their "sariling atin" or "their own" even if it's bad.  Toady Casino and his cohorts of Bobo Muna (or Bayad Muna), Anak Payaso, Migraine International, Akbobo, Anak by Bobo, etc. are really stuck with their Tokugawa-like thinking or their Maoist thinking of that the Philippines is better off closed from the rest of the world.  And then they think they can endorse their mediocre products abroad?  Oh boy, them Pinoy pridists have a lot of rude awakening there!  And now here's the buy Filipino that should be endorsed as part of a give and take trade of export and import!

Cebu is also known for its dried mangoes and other delicacies.  Foreigners love the Cebuano quality system of dried mangoes which many of them are made by Filipino-Chinese families (Pinoy pride butthurt there).  

Bongbong's (no not Bongbong Macoy) delicacies in Bacolod is quality Filipino food products.  Filipinos should patronize good companies like these because they show that Filipinos can produce quality products.  You might want to think of that Bacolod is one good example of the Filipino improvement image.

If you want to have Filipino food you can be proud to endorse, make sure they are from quality services.  Golden Cowrie from Cebu (and now also in Bohol) is one good example.  Golden Cowrie has a very good view of how tasty Filipino food can be.

Bohol Bee Farm is owned by Vicky Wallace a Filipino woman, a nurse turned farmer.  I was thinking endorsing this resort to foreigners should be great.  After all my relatives from Hong Kong and China love this place!  It has really good food and one of the best places to stay ever.

When Filipino businessmen defeat the "pwede na yan" thinking and think of sustainability then these are the types of Filipino businesses that should be supported!