Satirical News: Thesis on Nobitacracy from Harvard University Causes President Nobita to React Rather Badly!

A research work called "The Downside of Nobitacracy: A Closer Look at President Nobita's Administration" written by law student named Marianne Hessler, a Filipino law student who graduated in Harvard.  The thesis was just recently published and was sent to Philippine soil as a book which now is available in soft bind for the Filipino readers.  The book became sold like hotcakes and unfortunately President Nobita could not take it at all as it became a controversial material that revealed just how stupid he really is!

The controversial paper itself had featured a research on the following contents that the ASEAN said must be read by every Filipino:
  • Philippines before and after Nobitacracy.  It also featured how the 1987 Constitution did not help the Philippines recover from the Macoy tyranny at all.  Although it highlighted human rights violation during the Ferdinand E. Macoy Sr. administration, it shows how much of a failure things were after that and no different.  
  • Why the 60/40 is not working as much as unrestrained business practices.  It highlighted the legal limitations of 100% ownership of business like no selling of land of foreigners and that 100% ownership does not mean that countries just accept businesses indiscriminately.
  • The budget wasted by the Nobita Administration on its circus trials from Chief Injustice Corona to Janet Naporkes.
  • Why it is just stupid for President Nobita to keep claiming Gloria Abobo responsible for his current situation.
  • The violations Nobita's administration did during the botched hostage crisis of Rolando Murderza.
  • Why pleading for guilty Filipinos abroad is not only a waste of money but a severe and gross thing to do.  This includes an analysis of Plor Kontemplasyon up to the three drug mules namely Sally Violationa, Ramon Non-Credo and Elizabeth Bitayin.
  • The Pork Barrel and Nobita.  Why Nobita just did not abolish it immediately.
  • President Nobita's making mediocrity legal is not helping the Philippines.
  • How President Nobita as an economic graduate from Ateneo de Manila did not help him as a president of the Philippines.
  • The illegal distribution of wealth at the Hacienda Loserita and the Aquino family.
  • The lack of support of Michael Christian Martinez proves how balimbing the Nobitacratic administration is.
  • Why some provisions of the cybercrime law should be repealed and why the law should be revised.

Marianne Hessler upon returning to the Philippines had been scorned - after all she was half-Chinese and half-American, two races that Pinoy pridists tend to hate.  However she did not care about popularity when she wrote the controversial thesis and said, "Filipinos must be awakened no matter what.  I wrote the thesis in order to be an eye opener that President Nobita is an idiotic president.  Sure I won't get a heroine's welcome but so what?  The truth about the stupidity of President Nobita, the Hacienda Loserita and everything about him must be exposed!"

After Nobita read the thesis, he was seen reacting rather badly to why he was being scorned.  He really got so mad he decided he should push through with the implementation of the anti-cybercrime law's libel clause so nobody will make fun of him again.  Unfortunately, his decision had only caused people to distribute mockeries of him all over the Internet even further as they have read the controversial thesis!  Supporters of President Nobita also thrashed the book because of its insulting contents against Presidnet Nobita himself.


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