Tekken Tag 2 Update on Gameplay

So while I'm trying to finish my task and getting a head start to do my necessary project, I did play Tekken Tag 2 over the weekends only.  So far I've finished the game with almost everyone though I do have to play as Alisa, Jaycee, Ganryu, Panda, Serges Dragonov, Zafina, Baek Do San, Christy and Feng to get all the regular character endings. I am yet to download anything.

Now for Unknown.  I would say Unknown has been beefed up ahem bitched up.  I thought her most irritating move are when she uses all those slimy ground moves which really cause MASSIVE damage.  So Unknown is Jun non-canonwise.  And I thought that after you defeat her, we see a special cinema where the wolf spirit forsakes the host body which was also like in Tekken 5, we see Jinpachi turn into dust when defeated in a short cinema save a few characters.  Her being bitched up can be a source of frustration and challenge at the same time.