Satirical News: President Nobita Proposes Propeller Caps as Alternative Solution to MRT Problems

President Nobita greeting people flying with a propeller cap...

As if President Nobita cannot get any more demented can he?  Though it is still at its test state, President Nobita now free from St. Luke's as his injuries were not all bad nor life threatening, he decided to fly around Metro Manila wearing a propeller cap which despite its size, can carry a person around.  Specific sizes are available and Nobita went flying around, greeting the people of the Philippines saying he is still president until 2016.  Nobitards shouted that they want one more term for President Nobita as he provided propeller caps for everyone.

"With these propeller caps, nobody has to worry about traffic.  Just wear them on and fly to your workplace!" said President Nobita.  Him and other members of the cabinet decided to fly around wearing the propeller caps to demonstrate how to use them.  Members of the cabinet including Presidential Adviser Doraemon went all flying wearing the propeller caps.  However they were met with angry protests of the Bobo Muna since the propeller caps were made in Japan.  As usual, Nobita showed his cowardice and ran away.  Propeller caps will soon be for sale as an alternative form of transportation aside from renting them at the propeller caps terminal.

Meanwhile during the propeller cap launching ceremony some Tondo squatters caused mayhem and stole some of them.  However their leader Blob Blabbersky tried it on and it just could not lift him at all.  It was revealed that there were no propeller caps yet meant for people as heavy as the Blob and fat people will have to endure the MRT problems until new propeller caps can be found that can carry him around.


  1. Then one day, due to lack of maintenance, the propeller caps suddenly just got busted and well..... Nobita and his troupe just suddenly fell to the ground real hard.... 3:)


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