Assessing the Nobitacratic Government's Failure to Uphold Democracy

One might consider why the Philippines has become a Nobitacracy instead of a democracy.  Some people even want Nobita to serve a second term but one has to admit, Nobita's overly lenient administration had just given birth to these problems:
  • Pleading for guilty Filipinos who should have been punished long ago.
  • Uncontrolled useless bills passed by the Congress.  So much paper to throw away!
  • Allowing CORRUPT government officials and law enforcers to stay in power or at least, get a lesser sentence that could free them.  One might consider why Sherap Ejercito was even allowed to run, why there are stupid political activists in power like Toady Casino and you could also think about why in the world is Bongbong Macoy in the Senate?!  Guerillo Honasan and Juan Ponce Enriche should have been locked up years ago!
  • The Pinoy National Police isn't improving a bit.  You can think of it that the Rolando Murderza incident proved how incompetent Pinoy cops are.  Hostage taking can happen anywhere but it was the handling that was so poorly done Hong Kong and China got outraged.
  • Palace suggesting MRT rider to try more dangerous forms of transportation.  Really what do they suggest to everyone?
  • Still upholding the Nobitacratic policy of 60/40 ownership for foreign investors rather than 100% intangible ownership for foreign businesses and other stupid laws that will drive foreign investment away.  In turn, this does not encourage the local businesses to improve, thus destroying jobs.
  • Being unable to control the Bureau of Internal Revenue from becoming the Bureau of Internal ROBBERY.  Taxes are supposedly collected to fund a nation's development, not the dirty politicians but Nobita's lack of common sense has not done a thing to solve the problem.
  • The cybercrime law has that libel clause that needs to be repealed.  Unfortunately Nobita might actually just let it be considering how many people are making fun of him online as a result of his lenient management.
  • Crime still continues to be pretty rampant because of a lack of enforcement.

In return, the Nobitacratic government is threatening public welfare, a healthy amount of personal freedom and because of its wrong concept of democracy, has brought the problems among us!


  1. How ironic for someone who declared "Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap."


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