Why Anti-USA-ism is Bad for the Philippines!

I know it's been some time since George W. Bush Jr. foolishly attacked Iraq or that there are really a lot of bad Americans (called Muricans) but hating any country and declaring war agaisnt it is not the solution.  Not especially the Philippines which is more likely going to lose if it engages China in an all out war.

For the Pinoy pridist, apparently he or she hates invasion but actually believes that the Philippines has the right to invade every nation via OFWs.  Perhaps they are think, "We Pelepenos are da superyor race in da world nating can beat us!" mentality.  Which I thought that especially with Obama coming and also during the Bush administration (but I'll admit Bush was a really bad administrator), you can see those annoying leftist like the picture above who demand America out.  It's been the same problem whether it was Sherap as President, Gloria as President and currently Nobita as president.  That kind of mentality is no wonder why the Philippines does not move forward.

All this anti-USAism in the name of nationalism can really show just how unwilling to move on Pinoy pridists are.  For them it seems to be the moment George Washington established the United States of America, poof it's evil.  And then when it comes to American culture, they say "EVIL!  EVIL!  Penoys are da clean and most holiest race in a world!" which really, I was thinking of the utter hypocrisy of the Pinoy pride movement.  Trying to promote an all Pinoy model but guess what equipment they are using?  Not only American but also Japanese, Chinese, etc. and for one, paper DID NOT originate in the Philippines and not all evils came from the U.S.  And also, why are they protesting with American and whatever foreign stuff right?  Besides if you check Filipino history, Filipinos aren't pure either and so is the rest of mankind!

In fact, writer Chino Fernandez of Chinocracy and Get Real Philippines calls the current situation of colonial mentality as nothing more than a bogeyman.  He raised a lot of valid points.  I could really think even the name Philippines was from King Philip of Spain!  You might also think that the Philippines gets its modern clothing, women's rights, suffrage, a better education system from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  And today the world is not purely American, purely Filipino, purely Chinese, etc.  You see Filipino influence around the world but it should not give Pinoys the right to be haughty.  After all their culture is mixed from Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, British and American!

I just thought that if they hate the U.S. why don't they move to some uncharted island and start their own nation there and name it the Pinoypines?  In fact, they are just ungrateful with what America did for the country in liberating it from Spanish and Imperial Japanese rule.  Although today America is not as great as it used to, but I don't find America hopeless and neither is the Philippines.  After all, American culture is already part of the Philippines.  Like it or not, the Philippines has foreign investments, it will get foreign investments and soon it will have to repeal the 60/40 rule.  And if they want a 99/1 rule, go live in some other land.  For one, the Philippines does not need to follow everything America does- it can pick out what's good about America and throw out the bad.

Besides I'd also raise the point- declare war on America you might just be dead meat.  I mean, if those activists continue their battles, I really think that America and China might join forces and obliterate the country.  I mean can the Philippines defend itself from invasion with its INCOMPETENT ARMY?  Absolutely not.  The Philippines needs to get itself upgraded even if it means buying weapons from America.  After all, just imagine that if those Pinoy pridists dare fight against China and its militia with only bolos and spears and other indigenous weapons, they will just be so easily subdued and torn into shreds in a matter of seconds or less!


  1. Thing is: Pinoys even tend to copy some 'Murican traits too...


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