Getting Real: Why Pinoy Pride Mentality is Just as Bad as Colonial Mentality!

In an export and import relationship, one must indeed agree to give and take, not just give and give or take and take. Unfortunately fools and idiots like that clown in Congress, Toady Casino or other "nationalistas" in the Philippines are embracing the extreme opposite of colonial mentality called Pinoy Pride Mentality to which is the mentality that "Penoys are da best, others race suck!" So yeah, I did misspell it on purpose in order to address the Carabao English of many Pinoys who refuse to be awakened and that, it's a very self-serving relation.

The whole issue of Pinoy pride can be under the cloak of "protectionism" while the oligarchs rule the Philippines. While the Philippines is certainly no rathole like most of the third world South American countries or maybe I can name countries like North Korea, but with the oligarchs having so much power and the distance of rich and poor is too wide, you can expect the Philippines to be soon a real rathole. There are the radical leftists who just don't learn from history. After all, did they really study well in high school? I guess some of them are high school dropouts. The others have their selfish interests. While colonial mentality is bad for the country, one should consider the reality that Pinoy pride mentality can destroy the economy. Here are a few examples to name:

1.) Pinoy Pride means not wanting to change the bad habits that Pinoys are proud of.

These habits can be a poor sense of cleanliness (ex. peeping and pooing anywhere, vandalism, littering), being habitually late, talking back to authorities, the attention-seeking mentality (KSP) and so on.

They say to create fines for offenses like littering, peeing and pooing anywhere as they please, vandalism and littering is a "tyranny" better think twice. Would you like it that your place is so clean and somebody litters on it, pees on it, poos on it? Absolutely not. However many Pinoys can be as bad as the stereotypical modern American in that area, just like that Michael Fay guy in Singapore who deserved to be caned. I mean you can check peace and order in Tondo, Manila the place of squatters. It's so messy that I ended up writing a satire about that place as some idiot's paradise.

You might think about ethical standards. Being tardy is a huge problem for the Philippines which reflects not having a word of honor. If you are a doctor, you cannot wait another minute and every minute counts for your patient. In battle, quick reflexes are necessary. But for the Philippines were time is not of the essence, it can discourage investments with good foreign companies who might be willing to even form a partnership with the Filipino people.

You can think about how bad attitude at work is. Sad to say but a lot of Pinoys actually have no respect to authority. They answer back to parents and teachers. They carry it over to the workplace. Maybe the parents just allow them to be disrespectful. You might think it's cool but it's not. Perhaps Jonathan Aquino who got kicked out of Britain was also like that. You might think of some Pinay domenstic helpers who were actually given proper punishment from deportment to death depending on the gravity of the offense. Everything here is what I'd call really, are you proud of that kind of attitude and worse, it creates the culture of cover-up to where justice is not being served. Really why should the Philippines even stand up for its GUILTY citizens?

2.) Pinoy pride promotes the "Pwede Na Yan" (That Will Do) economic culture

Because of the mentality that as long as it is Pinoy made then it's good. It definitely sets the reality of the Bobo Muna to say that people must only buy Pinoy to create jobs. However the problem is that who wants to buy Filipino goods IF they are garbage? You would only want to buy quality goods Filipino or not. Quality buyers are most likely going to spit at Filipino products that are a result of the pwede na yan economics while saluting the quality ones. Quality buyers could care less if the goods were Filipino made or not, they care abut quality.

However the culture of Pinoys with the "sariling atin" only (our ours only) can create more harm than good. One reason is that as long as people don't seek to improve the production of local goods. What can be worse is that when a quality Filipino product pops out produced by one who isn't Pinoy, they can react with their crab mentality. Crab mentality dragged America down, it can also drag any country down which has also done more harm than good in the Philippines.

The mediocre culture of Pinoys have given birth to bad Internet services like Globe. You might as well consider the rampant running of street food and poorly handled canteens, which are dirty food and should not even be endorsed to foreigners. This is a result of a bad labor force not taught to improve beyond their standing, a sinister system by the oligarchy that actually abuses their wealth rather than use it to help others.

Of course, it can stop the country from fortifying itself. I mean, can the Philippines fight against China in the case of war? That idiot Toady Casino doesn't even believe in enhancing the military. What does he propose to do? Fight Chinese army with bolos and spears? WTF! In fact, the Philippines will probably be torn to shreds with just bolos and spears but it can win the war against any powerful country if it has the right military equipment and training.

3.) Pinoy Pride has caused the 1987 Constitution to close up the economy.

While the Philippines may not be as bad as North Korea or Afghanistan, but it could be unless something is done. The whole 60% owned by Filipino, 40% owned by foreigners making it rather mandatory than optional (with 100% ownership as the option), one might consider the economy being so closed. It discourages competition which one can see why most of the Philippines has a lot of poor services in general and not just the Internet.

Think about Singapore which is the "favorite tyranny" of some or maybe you can talk about China before and now. Before China was so poor the Philippines was doing better because the former closed its doors. Only after China opened its doors, it became more or less a dragon economy. The Philippines' lack of economic openness can also come from the misconception taht 100% ownership for foreigners means indiscriminate acceptance of foreign businesses and selling lands to foreigners. But think about it- competition when done ethnically can encourage better services for businesses. Monopoly gives room for abuse which may make you think of poor Internet services to whatever may come into the head.

Besides the whole lie that 100% ownership for foreigners means unrestrained acceptance and selling lands to foreigners is nothing more than leftist propaganda so they can continue in their wicked reign.

4.) Lastly it also kills the give and take relationship, making it one sided and bad for business

It really annoys me how Pinoys brag they are the greatest in the world and wants the world to recognize them, but they don't want to recognize the world. Looking at the proposal to ban Filipinos from bringing books and other materials abroad, it kills free trade. I mean, it's no longer mutual relations but parasitism as the Pinoy system only takes and takes, demanding foreigners to only give and give. Receiving is important and so is giving. It destroys free trade. Protect the country? From what? Improvement? The death of the oligarchy that enslaves Filipinos with the wrong thinking? I guess those Pinoytards like Toady Casino and Stupid Ocampo just want more power for themselves.

So just imagine if a Filipino firm is allowed to invest 100% in other countries, should it not also allow foreign firms to invest 100% here? Sadly the 60/40 is part of the whole killing of the give and take. Sad to say but many Pinoys are very self-serving and you might want to take a look at how oligarchy runs. I think Tony Tancaktiong gets 100% ownership of Jollibee in China and Hong Kong after all unless if he decided to let those firms (at his own option) to get a 60/40 or similar deal. As said, where is the give and take?!

It's only normal that a Filipino will excel in certain fields of arts since there are always smart people in every race. But to start gloating about the greatness of the "Pelepeno people" is nothing more than showing one's being a braggart. I mean, Americans who act like they are so great have caused certain nations to hate America, China's bullying of other neighboring countries can cause trouble... the Pinoy version is no different either. Any kind of racial prejudice can be very bad.

You might as well think of the Pinoy pride when it comes to GUILTY OFWs and citizens with its "cover up culture". I mean why should a country even be proud of pleading the release of guilty criminals from their country? Looking at it, assaulting China with insults for the execution of Bitayin, Non-Credo and Violationa only strained the relations of the country. One might also consider President Nobita's stupidity for refusing to apologize to Hong Kong for the MISHANDLED situation of the Pinoy National Police in dealing with Rolando Murderza. And yet some Pinoys made Rolando Murderza a hero and along with other guilty Pinoys abroad as heroes, which really can make the Philippines really strain itself with other countries.


  1. Just face it: any kind of misplaced pride is harmful to anyone..... (especially if it's something that prevents people from having even a decent life :P )


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