Satirical News: Angry American Ex-Pat in Phiippines Reacts to Thesis on Nobitacracy

The paper on Nobitacracy has launched controversy and it reached Tondo, Manila and was angry about the whole thesis.  Blob Blabbersky who had turned Tondo in Manila as his turf for "freedom zone" for his squatters, he vowed to protect their freedom.  So far no word has it that Damulag would attack Tondo.  One might consider that Blob Blabbersky during his interview of why he left the United States of America said that he wanted a more free country and now he stated he could lose his beloved freedom in Tondo.

"Really what's wrong with that girl?  How dare she write a paper against what's wrong with our government? Does she seek to destroy the freedom that we so enjoy?  I mean why consider it a crime to poo and pee anywhere, to just throw garbage anywhere?  That's what makes Singapore everybody's favorite tyranny.  But we here in Tondo are living the life of a free man.  I am their chieftain and I must protect their freedom.  That paper on Nobitacracy is B.S. as ever like the opening of the 60/40 to 100% ownership.  From what I understand 100% ownership will just exploit this country, America is a hopeless case and the Philippines is the only good country left.  Man, I wanted to move here for so long then there's that annoying law graduate from Harvard who wants to introduce the filth of American culture even more into the Philippines!  Just look at our smiles, we are the happiest place in the Philippines because we have no cops and we would trust criminals over cops.  Criminals kills for a reason, no not cops.  Here we live on stolen electricity and stolen services, we are a free area!  FREEDOM!" said Blob Blabbersky in an interview.

Tondo Squatters all got mad and started protesting in Tondo, burning copies of the thesis on Nobitacracy to show that Tondo will not become a "no freedom zone".  Blob and his cohorts began to dance around the fire in their indecency, saying that their beloved Tondo will not see foreign investments, will not see Americanization, will not see 100% ownership and whatever because they are a "free people".  They can be seen also holding a vigil to Plor Kontemplasyon who they made the patron of Tondo.  On the other hand, Blob had just informally married a Tondo squatter girl named Mediokra Tamad who shares his views about the thesis on Nobitacracy.