Satirical News: Presidential Adviser Doraemon Brings Toku Heroes to Beat Sense into President Nobita's Head!

President Nobita at St. Luke's Hospital recovering... apparently Damulag didn't beat him so hard!
President Nobita is still at St. Luke's Hospital was crying over the fact that Damulag from China beat him hard.  Presidential Adviser Doraemon had enough of President Nobita's stupidity and decided to regather some Toku heroes namely the Gorangers, the JAKQ team, the Biomen, the Maskmen, the Jetmen, the Fivemen, Shaider, Kamen Rider Black, Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Hibiki and Kamen Rider Blade to "visit" President Nobita into beating some sense into him.

So far, what was argued between President Nobita and Presidential Adviser Doraemon are the following:
  • Nobita still refuses to repeal the 60/40 policy for foreigners and the Philippines saying that a 100% ownership of their firms means he'll have to sell lands to foreigners.
  • Nobita also refuses to apologize to China for the damage done by the Pinoy National Police in their neglect which killed some Chinese tourists hence the reason why Damulag beat him up.
  • Nobita's mediocre policy which replaced Gloria Macacapal Abobo's Pasig ferry cruise with his ultra mediocre version rather than confiscate it for government use for whoever will sit by 2016 and beyond until it depreciates.
  • Nobita's circus- after all getting rid of Chief Injustice Corona and Gloria Macacapal Abobo were nothing more than a show to make him look better.  
  • Nobita apparently encouraged his sister Krisis to run for president in 2016 to continue the yellow revolution of stupidity.

The Toku heroes brought in flowers and get well cards but also pieces of advice.  Doraemon felt that President Nobita needed to be knocked into reality so changes can happen before 2016 for the betterment of the Philippines.  However Nobita is not the type of person to ever listen to reason at all because he was always raised by his "saintly" mother who was said to be in Cebu during the people power to overthrow Bongbong Macoy's late father Ferdinand Macoy who ruled the Philippines for 20 years with an iron fist, only to be replaced by a retarded democracy.

The Toku heroes decided to tell Nobita to do the following:
  • Open up the economy by allowing 100% ownership of foreign businesses without selling the lands to them.  After all, the landowner of the lot does not own the business in any way.
  • Apologize to China before a war between China and the Philippines breaks out.
  • Get over mediocrity and promote improvements.
  • Don't let Krisis run for President in 2016.

President Nobita's decision is still not known.


  1. Hehe. I sure hope what I would call almost every Filipino's childhood heroes will indeed inspire the president. :P


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