Satirical News: Toady Casino Passes Bill to Approve Plor Kontemplasyon as National Hero!

After Toady Casino was dismissed from St. Luke's Medical Center after he was beaten by Damulag, he had decided to take revenge on China.  He wants to make sure that his bills namely the Anti-Chinese Bill, the Anti-American Bill, the Anti-Japanese Bill will be approved, he now writes yet another stupid bill known as the "Plor Kontemplasyon Bill" to replace Jose Rizal as national hero to spark a new "spirit of nationalism" after the arrests of Rolando Morona in Singapore together with other Pinoy pridists as well as the arrest of the Pinoy pridists in Xiamen and Shenzen.  Toady who is still in the hospital because of some broken limbs vows to take revenge on Damulag by writing the Plor Kontemplasyon Bill.

"I will have my revenge on those singkits for sending Damulag to beat us!  First, they want us to apologize for the heroism of Rolando Murderza who should have been reinstanted because of his heroism.  Second, they want us Filipinos to give them 100% ownership when 99/1 is better!  For one, they are jealous of us Pinoys because we are the greatest race in the world.  If Plor Kontemplasyon is made the national heroine of the Philippines in place of singkit Jose Rizal, Pinoys will drive away non-Pinoy from the country and the Philippines will be restored to its true glory- a nation of Pinoys only!  I must set both Joel and Jun Jun free before they die in prison like their older brother Sandrex." said Toady Casino.

Toady Casino was frustrated to why he had to seen the film "Ilo Ilo" which was written in Singapore which presented a well-balanced, non-leftist view compared to his favorite "The Plor Kontemplasyon Story" which was a leftist movie that made guilty Pinoys look like victims that need help.  While in the hospital, Toady still insisted that he should be sent to a Pinoy-owned hospital instead like a public one, because he is feeling very "unclean" in St. Luke's.  Meanwhile no updates are on President Nobita as of yet.