Satirical News: Anti-Cybercrime Libel Provision Backfires Rather Badly on President Nobita's Face!

The anti-cybercrime law was already declared constitutional which according to its unrevised provision, the government has the right to monitor the activities of all Filipinos and people within the State for 24/7.  Unfortunately the new law with its libel provision that may imprison a person for cybercrime for simply making a meme or ridicule of a political figure backfired pretty badly.  Which in turn, President Nobita realizes that implementing the cybercrime law was a backfire to his stupidity, since instead of preventing him from getting any ridicule about him caused people to poke more fun at him instead.

What happened was that a lot of memes against Nobita were made, a total of 1,000,000 memes were made causing a Nobita craze which all explained just how stupid he was in implementing the libel clause of the cybercrime law and daring people to break it.  Yahoo wrote trending now of "Nobita Aquino stupid" has over 1,000,000,000 hits worldwide and the fact that Nobita wanted to arrest all who made the meme, he only discovered that he lacked space in jail and could not do a thing about it.  From what was known, the Philippines will not have enough jails to lock up the people who made the memes.  Slow internet speed will not also allow President Nobita to trace all of them and he ended up daring to arrest an entire baranggay but only to end up discovering Muntinlupa does not have enough space for them.

What was last seen was that President Nobita was last seen trying to remove the memes over the web and overreacting to it only to get ridiculed more.  In fact even his penitensya on Good Friday was made fun of by people worldwide after they were made fun of by Filipinos who regret voting for him.  It leaves the question then what Nobita is going to do that his cybercrime law backfired very badly on his face!

Well looks like anytime now, President Nobita is not getting any help at all.  Even Presidential Adviser Doraemon refuses to do a thing about the law backfiring at him!