Satirical News: Migraine International Plans to Produce Film "The Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa Story"

In the light of new events, Migraine International decided to help "raise awareness" of the Pinoy pride by now planning to create a movie called "The Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa Story" to which they plan to tell the world how oppressed Pinoys are.  The first leftist movie known as the Plor Kontemplasyon movie raised a lot of awareness and now they decided to further their cause by making another movie in honor of the three executed drug mules.  They also rallied to convince the Congress and the Senate to strengthen the bill to make Plor Kontemplasyon the new national hero as well as declaring March 30 a holiday for the executed three drug mules.

One member of Migraine International namely Odiar Laho said, "We cannot stand this anymore with Chinese oppressing and killing Pinoys out of jealousy that we Pinoys are the number one race.  Nobody must forget they tortured Plor for three years before they killed her!  It was an unfair trial and Singapore is everybody's favorite dictatorship.  China has gotten the last straw when they refused to release the three heroes Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa from their sentences!  We must always raise the awareness that we Pinoys will not tolerate another person to be a victim like Plor Kontemplasyon!  Singapore just blamed her for killing Delia Maga, they are a group of scoundrels who don't punish their own citizens and choose to blame us Pinoys!  We must work to free our comrades in China and Singapore, we beg you Vice President Jejemon Binay, please help us!" said Odiar Laho.

The film has no budget yet.  The writers for the film will have the relatives of the deceased three drug mules to help write for it together with Russell Kontemplasyon who still believes her late mother is innocent in spite of the facts presented against the latter.  The whole film will probably allow members of the Non-Credos, Violationas and Bitayins to play their roles to show how oppressed Pinoys are.  The plan for the filming included a rally to sing a song "Kahit Konting Awa" by Nora Aunor to further raise the cause.